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Grand Coulee


1/24 - Someone complained that a woman parked her car in an alleyway between D and E Street, blocking access through it. The woman said she thought it was her property and police told her she’d have to contact a land surveyor and real estate attorney to try and establish that. She said she understood and wouldn’t block the alleyway anymore.

- A man recently released from jail, unhappy to learn another man was living in the Cardinal Road residence he used to occupy, threatened him. The man who was threatened was older, shorter, and had some kind of injury. He didn’t wish to press charges and make things worse. He left, and soon after police saw the man who made the threat near the house. He told them he had been kicked out of the residence and would be looking for a new place to live.

1/26 - Police checked on a car parked at the library at about 7 a.m. outside of library hours. In the driver seat, a man had a lighter, a straw, and tin foil in his hand. When he noticed police, he dropped the tin foil. Police told him if he intended to do drugs, he should pick a better location than a public library. Police then issued him a “drug diversion,” a warning, and a Washington Recovery Helpline Card.

- Police, along with Grant County sheriff deputies, determined that probable cause did not exist to charge a man with entering a residence and breaking a woman’s belongings. 

- A driver was pulled over for driving a car with expired registration. A trip permit was also invalid. He didn’t have a license nor any other papers for the car, saying it belonged to a friend. Police determined he is, according to Washington state law, a habitual traffic offender, so they decided to tow the car. The man collected some belongings and left. Police found eight grams of meth and a smoking device in the car and seized them prior to it being towed.

1/27 - A driver was pulled over on Midway Avenue for driving a car with an expired registration. She didn’t have a license, insurance, or registration for the car. She said she wasn’t ever licensed in Washington but had her license in Montana suspended in 1996. Police confirmed she was not licensed and cited her for that and the expired registration. A licensed driver took control of the vehicle.

- Police were unable to locate a car that reportedly turned onto B Street having trouble with lane travel. 

- Grand Coulee officers assisted Coulee Dam officers who had pulled over a vehicle with a woman wanted on a second-degree robbery warrant. All four people in the car were wanted on warrants out of various jurisdictions, but only Spokane County Jail would accept the woman. She was arrested and taken to jail. 

1/29 - Grand Coulee officers assisted Coulee Dam officers in arresting a man for driving under the influence after he pulled over at the pizza place on SR-174. Ultimately, the vehicle was towed and the man was taken to Grant County Jail.

- At the request of a family member, Police checked on the well-being of a Cardinal Road man and found him to be doing well.

Coulee Dam


1/23 - Two girls fought at Lake Roosevelt Schools. Security footage showed a girl walking to class, and another girl running up behind her and attacking her, leading to a fight. She would face an assault charge, but the other girl didn’t wish to press charges.

1/26 - A driver told police he thinks his vehicle had bad gasoline in it, leading it to stall on the bridge. The vehicle was pulled off the bridge by a private citizen’s vehicle. 

1/27 - An intoxicated woman struck another woman in the face after showing up to her River Drive house and refusing to leave. Police found her at the casino being arrested for a separate battery charge. Coulee Dam Police wanted to take her to Okanogan County Jail for the assault charge, but tribal police took her to tribal jail. 

- Police pulled a Jeep over on Columbia Avenue for having a taillight out. The passenger in the car didn’t have a seatbelt on and had to identify herself to police. She was wanted on five separate warrants out of Spokane County, and so was arrested and taken to jail there. The driver was told to fix the taillight and was free to go.


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