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Coulee Dam


6/28 - Police advised a 13-year-old girl not to talk to people she doesn’t know on the internet. The girl reported a man in Missouri she spoke to on the social media app Snapchat threatening to expose her face and address on the internet if she didn’t send inappropriate photos, which she didn’t do.

6/28 - A man on Fir Street told police that his dad had taken his car keys and he wanted them back. The father explained that he took the keys to keep his son from driving while intoxicated. Police spoke to the son, who appeared intoxicated, and explained he wouldn’t return his keys because of his condition. The son understood and was OK with that. 

6/28 - Police explained to a Spokane man that his vehicle had not been stolen, that it was impounded several days earlier, and where it was impounded.

6/30 - Police helped the Okanogan County Coroner’s Office with a death investigation in which a man appeared to have died of natural causes in his home.


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