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There are several very important words of the pledge of allegiance: I pledge ALLEGIANCE (loyalty or commitment) to the flag of the UNITED (joined together politically for a common purpose) States of America and to the REPUBLIC (a Government where the supreme power is held by the people and their elected officials and president, not a monarch) for which it stands, one nation under GOD, INDIVISIBLE (impossible to be divided) with LIBERTY (being free, within a society, of oppressive restrictions) and JUSTICE (fairness and rightness in the treatment of other people) for ALL (the total of every single one)!

Everyone should know this; for many years it was recited by every school-aged child, every school day of their lives. I am 75 and just typed this from memory. Did I understand the meaning as a kid? (Only that it was an important part of being an American). Do I understand it now? Yes, it is an ingrained part of who I am, and I think about different parts at different times. It is kind of a guideline to being an American. I FEEL VERY SAD THAT MANY OF OUR YOUNGER CITIZENS WILL NEVER KNOW THIS PLEDGE.


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