New measures seem to be helping school issues


Last updated 3/30/2022 at 11:18am

Incidents of violence and other issues at Lake Roosevelt Junior/Senior High seem to be decreasing after a few measures have been implemented.

In her report to the Grand Coulee Dam School District board of directors, Principal Sara Kennedy wrote that to address an “escalation in behavior incidents” they have implemented a few new measures.

One new measure is that restrooms are now closed between class periods. Students can use the restrooms during class time after signing out of class, one at a time.

Kennedy told the board that this has reduced issues, including students vaping at school and tardiness to classes.

The school also is being stricter about cell phones.

Cell phones are not supposed to be out or used during class time, and students who comply with this expectation earn a raffle ticket for drawings on Fridays. Violations may result in detention and/or the student turning their phone in at the office.

Backpacks are also not allowed in classrooms.

Kennedy’s report also notes that students can report concerns to administration in person, report to their teacher, or fill out an anonymous reporting form found on the district website and on QR codes posted around the school.

“We encourage parent/guardian and teacher communication, this is often the best way to prevent or solve problems,” the report reads. “Counseling staff continues to be available to students for one-on-one or small groups.”

“We have seen a positive impact and a huge reduction in incidents after implementing [the new measures], the report reads.


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