Superintendent to exit before 2024-25 school year


Last updated 3/2/2022 at 7:53am

Superintendent Paul Turner, right, talks with state Rep. Keith Goehner in May 2021 about future hopes and plans for the school district. - Scott Hunter photo

There'll be a new superintendent in the Grand Coulee Dam School District for the 2024-25 school year.

Current Superintendent Paul Turner told the district's board of directors Monday that he intends to retire after working part time for two more school years.

Turner noted the past two years being hard both physically and mentally caused him to look at his personal situation and his future, leading...

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This has to be the most ridiculous decision I’ve ever heard a board make. You as a group just had two levies fail. You are supposed to be looking at what you have to cut from the budget. But instead, you decide to pay the man who will be cutting the budget, 69% of his pay for 50% of the work. On top of that, you’ll bring in someone new and pay him/her 92% pay for 50% of the work. How can you even be considering this? I’m sorry Mr. Turner has health issues, but if he wants to retire then he can leave. This school district shouldn’t be providing financing for him to wean into retirement. For years, our superintendents have figured out what to do in this district to make things work. They don’t need a babysitter and since they get the big bucks, they shouldn’t need help changing their diapers either. Less than a month ago the board found out they would need to cut $800,000.00 from the budget because the two levies didn’t pass. This is your first budget cut choice, and you are choosing NOT to cut. Do you honestly think a new levy will pass in November? Especially after the board is considering this decision and Rich Black’s comment, “it will be good for voters to be able to see what gets cut” (Wagner, Jacob. “After two school levies fail, board mulls trying one in November.” The Star, 16 February 2022.


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