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Last updated 3/3/2021 at 8:12am

As a former council member and current park committee member, along with my co-park committee member, I have sat back, listened, and read the newspaper. We feel it is important to correct information regarding the Electric City Park. Our previous and current committee members worked on the Plans for the Park and the Funding for the Park. The current city council has chosen not to use the RCO Grant or Hotel Motel Tax Funds which was for this purpose. We want to inform the public that the Hotel/Motel Tax can be used for Capital Improvement for our city. We gave back our RCO grant which Soap Lake will use for their park. It is sad that the families of Electric City will not have a park and splash pad for the children.

Our committee had set aside $22,000 for maintenance of the park, which would last at least four years. Our committee had researched about what other cities’ maintenance costs were, and this is how we came to that figure. Our current parks committee didn’t approve or fund the levy. The city council chose to fund the levy from the city’s budget.

We hope this informational letter will be printed so our citizens can get a true picture about what occurred regarding the Park and Levy.


Lonna Bussert

Cindy Greely


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