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Those were fireworks you heard over the weekend

If you heard loud booms on Friday or Saturday night, it was probably local man Alan Cain lighting them off with about eight of his friends from the Northwest Pyrotechnics Association.

The fireworks were lit on Cain’s property along SR-174 near the Lakeview Terrace area.

The group obtained a permit from the city of Grand Coulee, whose fire department manages that area, about 45 days in advance.



Reader Comments(1)

Bob VALEN writes:

I suggest that these events be moved to a location some distance from those of us who live in its proximity. Hearing the booms and feeling the house and windows vibrate from the shock waves while trying to have some quiet time at home is disruptive to say the least. I don't live in Baghdad. There is a reason many of us choose to live in a rural environment. I'll be contacting Lincoln County and the City of Grand Coulee. There are options and they should be sought.