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Appreciated DeWinkler's thoughts


Last updated 11/24/2020 at 8:48am

Thanks, Donna DeWinkler, for the thoughts you shared in The Star Newspaper recently. Tolerance of a diversity of viewpoints is always healthy. Everyone needs to have a growth mindset and be open to learning from each other. We get better together when different perspectives are valued. Often times we listen to others but we don’t validate that they have been heard. It is time in our local school district, that we love, for a new progressive direction to be taken that has true collaboration from all stakeholders involved.

Donna went old school with the Sneetches and it is relevant. As we grow older, we realize the complex challenges in this timeless and at first glance, simple, story. Let me continue with a few more thoughts. We are all Sneetches on the beaches we share. Having a star belly or not doesn’t matter. Our top priority absolutely has to be our Baby Sneetches. They are the future and they deserve our very best, unwavering love and support. We have some adult Sneetches on our beaches who as professionals have the privilege of teaching our Baby Sneetches. Helping each baby thrive; mature and be successful is about as satisfying a calling as there is. Even though presently the risks are high, our babies need these professionals more than ever. Teacher Sneetches are essential!

On our beaches we have Elected Official Sneetches who oversee these Professional Sneetches and our Baby Sneetches. As I’ve mentioned before, I have great respect for these Elected Sneetches. They will never please everyone, but I’ve greatly appreciated their thoughtfulness, prudence and patience. They will continue to adjust to our present situation as best they can, even though it evolves and changes on a daily basis. Priority-wise, our Elected Sneetches must find a way to establish common ground, especially in light of our current challenges. They must get the Sneetches they guide into the eye of the storm where it is much calmer. Once there, our Elected Sneetches should strive to simplify from the complex like Dr. Seuss did with genuine, caring dynamics and bring everyone together in a sound, unified fashion.

Our Elected Sneetches that oversee the Professional Sneetches and our Baby Sneetches have a Hired Hand. The Hired Hand Sneetch must help unite all the Sneetches involved — not divide the Sneetches on the beaches. When this Hired Hand puts himself and other Sneetches at his level first, this is divisive. When he tells the Sneetches under his watch that they must do this or that or else, that is divisive. When the Hired Hand Sneetch is reactive, treats others poorly or ignores them while running down the beach proclaiming, “This is nuts!”, it is divisive. We need mature, composure on our beaches not drama. As Sneetches we’re growing weary of constantly putting out fires that should have never been started on our beaches. There must be consistency by all the Sneetches involved — the Elected Officials, the Hired Hand and his Crew and the Teachers for our Baby Sneetches. Our babies deserve our very best unified effort no matter what it takes. All the Sneetches involved need to quit digging their heels into the beaches and pulling in different directions — enough is enough.

I am not one of the smartest Sneetches on our beaches nor do I want a star, but I know enough to know I am not going to support stupid stuff. We all expect much more.

Sneetches unite!

John M. Adkins


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