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Coulee Cops


Last updated 11/4/2020 at 9:25am

Grand Coulee Police

10/22 - Police arrested a Weil Place woman on a warrant for failure to comply with a judge’s orders. She was compliant with the arrest and taken to Grant County Jail. 

10/23 - Police relayed to a Batchelor Square woman that her ex-boyfriend doesn’t care what she does with his old belongings as he lives in Alabama now. 

10/27 - A woman reported being approached by a woman behaving erratically near the Electric City Post Office. Police found that woman nearby, sweating profusely in 37-degree weather. She said she was hearing voices. She asked the officer for a dollar to buy a beer, but he told her he didn’t carry cash. The woman kept walking down the street.

- An officer assisted Colville Tribal Police by arresting a man wanted on a warrant on Tulip Street in Coulee Dam and taking him to the Grant County Jail.

10/28 - Police gave a woman a courtesy ride to her home in Coulee Dam when an Electric City man didn’t want her at his place anymore, saying she was intoxicated and argumentative.

- A check on the welfare of an elderly man walking with a cane near the Nazarene Church was requested. Police were unable to locate such a man. 

10/29 - A horse was running loose on F Street, eating grass. Police contacted the owner, who got the horse home.

- While showing another officer a back road to SunBanks Resort, an officer drove over a rock, which punctured a hole in the oil pan of the police car. The car was taken to Jess Ford for repair.

10/30 - Police received a report of a vehicle revving its engine on Kelso Avenue for 15 minutes. Police found the vehicle unoccupied and turned it off, then stayed in the area for 15 minutes before leaving.

10/31 - Two men on Partello Parkway argued about who is allowed to take care of neighboring lots whose owners don’t live there. Both claim to have permission to mow the lawns on the lots and so on. Police suggested to each of them to get written permission from the owners to show the other, and from there to work out their differences. 

11/1 - Someone reported a car driving with a child in the back seat and the door still open. Police located the vehicle at Safeway, spoke with the driver, and determined everything to be OK.

Coulee Dam Police

10/26 - A resident at the River Drive apartments reported that another man is walking around stealing packages from the area. The resident identified the suspect, last seen walking down the highway toward Elmer City. Police didn’t find anyone walking down the highway.

10/28 - An Inchelium woman reported a possible weapons violation on Spruce Street, where she said someone was shooting toward the street and at signs with what seemed to be a BB gun. Police arrived and were flagged down by a male who showed the officer he had a spring powered AirSoft gun. Police told him not to shoot toward the street or at signs, and they told the woman that it is not illegal to shoot AirSoft guns in town.

- A man on Camas Street reported his neighbor was burning cardboard in a burn barrel, which is illegal. That man said he had cardboard to take to the dump, and that he’d started the fire with paper and was only burning wood. The man was upset about the situation. The reporting party showed the officer photos from a previous incident from June that showed the man burning cardboard.

10/29 - A woman reported being choked and kicked by another woman and said the Coulee House motel had the incident on video. An officer watched the video and stood by until Colville Tribal Police arrived, as the women involved were tribal members.

10/31 - A woman at the Coulee House motel reported being harassed by other tenants who knock on her door. She wants to be left alone. The other tenants said that she was the one knocking on their door and that they also want it to stop. Police told both of them to leave the others alone.

- People were reported to have been smoking marijuana in the high school parking lot near a car. Police were unable to locate the car or anyone smoking marijuana.

- A tribal officer contacted a Coulee Dam officer about 14-year-olds reporting a man with dark clothing and a ball cap yelling at them near Harvest Foods. The man was allegedly staying at the Coulee House motel. Police were unable to locate the man or the 14-year-olds.


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