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Last updated 10/7/2020 at 8:11am

Grand Coulee Police

9/29 - A woman reported her iPhone stolen from her vehicle parked at Safeway. 

- A 93-year-old woman was accidentally locked out of her Second Street home.

- Someone “egged” a Pontiac Grand Prix on Sunset Drive. 

9/30 - Police responded to a report of squatters at a King Street trailer. They found no one at the residence, but plywood covering the back entrance had been removed. 

- Police were unable to locate a woman said to have been in an abandoned residence on Grand Avenue and had gone “in the face” of a city employee while yelling. 

- Police informed a landlord that his tenant was allowed to have a certain woman over at a Burdin Boulevard residence, although the landlord said he’d had the woman banned from the property because of damage she caused in the past. Police told the landlord it was a landlord-tenant issue.

10/1 - A report of a suspicious man running around Grand Avenue turned out to be a man who needed to jumpstart one of his vehicles, and so ran to his other vehicle to get it to perform the jumpstart.

10/2 - Police were unable to contact the owner of a barking dog on A Street, said to be an ongoing issue.

10/3 - A man and woman were reported arguing near Martin Road with the woman leaving in a silver sedan. The sedan was found near Hill Street apartments without a license plate or registration. The vehicle was towed for that reason. The woman was allowed to collect some belongings from the vehicle before it was towed.

10/4 - Police spoke to a man who lives near Young Street and Hill Avenue following a report of him driving too fast on Hill Avenue while children were playing on grass along that street. Police informed him of the speed limit and that children often play there, often unsupervised.

- Police observed ducks at a Roosevelt Drive home after receiving a complaint of quacking. The report said police would look into the city code on owning ducks within the city. 

- A Grand Coulee Avenue man requested a statement form to fill out. He said his tie rod bolts were loose on his truck and he thinks someone may have loosened them, but wasn’t sure who would do that or why. 

- Police assisted a man with a prosthetic leg into his Federal Avenue apartment.


Coulee Dam Police

9/28 - A Civic Way man told police he would get rid of his chickens after being told he wasn’t allowed to have them in Coulee Dam according to city ordinance.

9/29 - An officer, while in Wilbur, assisted Lincoln County deputies at a gas station in a situation involving a stolen vehicle with what appeared to be an illegal drug inside, and with  the arrest of a woman with the vehicle.

- Police responded to Elmer City Access Road on a report that a man was lying in the middle of the road. A man there said he was on the side of the road, not the middle of it, and didn’t need any help.

- A helicopter was reported flying close to the Grand Coulee Dam. Police didn’t observe a helicopter, and told dispatch that the report should have gone to USBR Plant Protection.

9/30 - Police assisted a highly intoxicated man on Roosevelt Way to his nearby motel room, where his brother was to keep an eye on him while he sobered up. 

10/3 - Police responded to a report of a physical altercation between a man and woman in a Roosevelt Way parking lot. A man there said that a woman was hitting him during an argument. He showed marks on his body consistent with that. Police were unable to locate the woman, said to have run off after the argument. There were no charges filed.

10/4 - Police forwarded a report of barking dogs on Camas Street to Colville Tribal Police because the dog owner is a tribal member. 


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