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Last updated 8/12/2020 at 1:12pm

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7/27 - Police checked on a report of a boy dangling his feet over the water on the bridge over the canal on SR-174. He was gone on arrival at 1:20 p.m.

7/28 - An officer checked on a report of two dogs overheating in a vehicle on Snyder Hill Road at 11:15 a.m. The vehicle was gone on arrival.

- Police spoke with an apartment renter on Hill Avenue, who wanted police intervention with a neighbor who was parking a car near his in the common parking lot. Police advised him to take it up with the landlord.

- At the request of Grant County Sheriff’s Office, police responded to a domestic disturbance on Section Place in Delano. Two roommates, one “relatively sober” and the other unintelligible, were threatening each other with weapons (a hammer and a crossbow) after one had yelled at the other about beating his dog and was then tackled from behind. He retreated to his bedroom and called police. The officer confiscated the weapons and remained until GCSO arrived to take over.

- At the request of a resident, police told two people wanting to retrieve personal property from a residence on Dill Avenue, from which one had moved out a month prior, that they were banned from the property. They’d have to see a judge on the civil matter if they couldn’t work it out.

7/29 – Police responded to a report of a man yelling in his front yard on Roosevelt in Electric City just after 1 a.m. He yelled at police, acted aggressively and challenged an officer to tase him while the officer had his taser aimed at him. He did allow police to restrain him and put him the back of the patrol car, still yelling. Another officer arrived, but the man would not calm down and talk with police. The officers decided their presence was not helping and so decided to release him. The man went back inside, still cursing and yelling.

- Police responded to an anonymous caller regarding to husky dogs tied up on Burdin Blvd. in the heat. They were tangled in their two chains, and only one could reach shade in the 100-degree heat. Neither could reach water because of the tangled chains. Police informed the owners and suggested the dogs be allowed inside on very hot days.

7/30 – Police contacted kids on scooters who had been knocking on doors on Hill Avenue about midnight. Their guardian brought them inside.

- Police cited a 60-year-old man at on Continental Heights with fourth-degree assault after he fought with an apartment complex maintenance man who had told him not to bang up walls while unloading a cart. Police arrived to find the maintenance man holding down the other with his own neck bandana. He was arrested, but then cited and released after the county jail said they couldn’t take him.

8/1- Police responded to a fire on Cardinal Road in Delano just before 11 p.m., where a half dozen people were trying to douse a trailer fire. A man had reportedly been cutting up the travel trailer with a metal grinder, which throws a lot of sparks. The fire had consumed about an acre of nearby land. The officer relayed that information to the fire department.

8/2- Police collected a plastic bag of what appeared to be crystal meth, which had been found by the curbside and reported by a front desk clerk at Grand Coulee Motel.

- Broken stable walls and a broken street/stop sign were reported at the Ridge Rider’s Rodeo Grounds, where extra patrols were requested.

- A home renter on Lincoln Avenue in Electric City reported windows damaged, apparently, by a -BB gun.

- An officer ticketed two drivers on Grand Coulee Avenue for 10 mph over the limit in a 35 mph zone.

- An officer collected a kayak apparently adrift in the middle Banks Lake just before 7 a.m. after a resident on Third Street in Electric City reported it. Coulee Playland loaned him a rental boat to investigate. The kayak had a paddle and life jacket secured to it.

- Police responded to a report of a man whom campers could not get out of their campsite at Sunbanks resort. He was passed out on the picnic table. Resort security said he’d been kicked out of the bar several times that night. Police helped load him on a golf cart to get him back to his tent site and advised friends to keep a close eye on him due to his level of intoxication.

8/4 – An Electric Place resident said someone in a white SUV drove past the house very slowly about 5-6 p.m., recording it. Police checked nearby surveillance footage but could not determine the vehicle’s model or registration.

8/5 – Police responded to reported domestic violence incident at a Grand Coulee residence but were told by those involved it was only verbal, with family member upset by the news that one had test positive for Covid-19. Extended family members had agreed to move out prior to police arrival.

8/6 – An officer contacted two juveniles who had been reported as fighting at SR-174 and A Street. They said they were just play fighting. The officer told them to do that in their back yard so people didn’t misunderstand and report it.

- An officer contact five juveniles at an abandoned house at Partello and Center in Grand Coulee and told them he’d need to hear from the property owner that they had permission to be there. The all left.

- Police assisted Grant County Sheriff’s Office and responded to a boating accident on Banks Lake about 2:30 p.m., where a witness said a young female had been injured when thrown from a tube during a turn.

8/7- An Electric City man called police after arriving home to find a man in his driveway, his front door ajar and money missing from the home. The man walked off, but was also reported by others, including campground owner who said he’d been bugging guests. About six hours later, the suspect was on his way to jail on a Dept. of Corrections warrant, also charged with residential burglary, third-degree theft, and possible charges coming after tests of smoking devices found in his pockets.

8/9 – While returning from the Grant County Jail, an officer saw a vehicle passing several others on SR-155 headed south at 92 mph. The officer had to move over the fog line to avoid it, but turned around and pulled over the 22-year-old driver from Tacoma, issued a speeding ticket, a ticket for driving with no insurance and a citation for driving while his license was suspended.

- Police arrested and booked a 41-year-old Grand Coulee man on Yakima Street on a Dept. of Corrections order.

8/10 – Police arrested and jailed a 49-year-old man on Bachelor Square for fourth-degree assault domestic violence and interfering with the reporting of it.

- Police responded to a report of trespassing at Coulee Medical Center involving a patient who had been causing a disturbance because she didn’t want to wear a face mask. She was gone when police arrived.

Coulee Dam


7/28 – Police ticketed a driver for not having current license tabs on her vehicle. They had expired nearly a year earlier.

- Responding to a report at about 8:45 p.m., police did not find a person on the Columbia River Bridge yelling at cars.

- Police spoke with a woman creating a mess on the corner of Roosevelt and Birch, who said she’d just found out her father had died so she decided to sit there and have a few drinks. The officer spoke with her for a while, but said she needed to have the beer cans and other items cleaned up in an hour.


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