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City council, are you crazy?

To the Grand Coulee City Council and mayor: Why do you hate our community? We are in the middle of the worst pandemic in our history!  Businesses closed, people out of work, and mask shave to be worn at all times, and you pass an ordinance that lets anyone from anywhere rent our neighbors’ houses for weekends or vacations! (“Short-term rentals will be allowed in Grand Coulee” Star, July 29). Are you crazy!? You let an out-of-towner run our town, people who don’t even live here! We have to say enough!

Did you ever check with the CDC? Did you ever check with the health department, or even have an open forum for the citizens? NO! We all understand we live in a tourism area, but not during this! It is unacceptable at this time! We need to think about our town, not just the few who want to take advantage of this pandemic!

Please, everyone needs to respond to this for our safety!

Robert Hinkey 

20-year resident of Coulee Dam

Small business owner (Coulee Dam Plumbing)


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