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Coulee folks express their views on masks

The people have spoken! Results are in from a Star poll on the topic of wearing masks in public during the COVID-19 pandemic, a controversial topic nationally. 

Last week The Star posted an online poll asking readers if they wore masks in public, and why or why not. 

The poll received 214 responses as of Tuesday, the most of any poll conducted by The Star in recent years. 

The majority, 118 (55.14%) said they do wear a mask when out in public near people; 74 (34.58%) responded that they don't; and the remaining 22 (10.28%) answered that they sometimes do.

Out of those 214 respondents, 121 chose to elaborate on their answers. 

Some comments reflect a feeling of civic duty. 

"I wear a mask to protect other people who are vulnerable," one comment reads. 

"I want to protect myself and others," another says. 

"To keep from putting out droplets that might infect others as I could be asymptomatic, meaning I do not know ...  if I'm contagious or not. It is out of respect for my fellow human beings," another wrote. 

Many comments echoed these sentiments of wanting to protect themselves, others, performing a common courtesy, and an awareness of the possibility of carrying the coronavirus without showing symptoms, and not wanting to spread it.

Other comments expressed a skepticism over the effectiveness of the masks. 

"Most of the masks out there are useless, so why bother?" one respondent wrote.

"Mask can't slow the intake of the virus, but does provide a good incubation chamber for it," another wrote. The comments address a number of concerns, including the masks being uncomfortable, concerns over the economy, how real the pandemic is, and concerns about individual rights from both sides, either about feeling confined by the masks, or threatened by those who don't wear them.

Other comments include: 

"I want to keep getting natural immunity"

 "Makes me too hot and I don't get near other people"

 "I don't wear locally but out of town, yes."

 "I do it out of courtesy for others. And I try to only frequent merchants who show the same courtesy to me."

"Because it does no good. It's just another way to control us. It takes away our individuality."

"I am a senior citizen with health issues that put me in the top of the list for self distancing from anyone. I also am a caregiver to a wife with serious illnesses. But I have to go out to get groceries, run errands or drive to medical appointments."

"I don't think it helps, only makes this 'pandemic' worse. This virus isn't as bad as the media is making it. It's just another way for the government to control us."

"My doctor said it is worse to wear one!"

"Because I trust the experts and care about others"

"With all the out of town people from the holiday weekend, you never know who's sick or not. I have elders at home I need to think of, none the less of my own health issues."

"I don't wear a mask to show that I do not support the continued destruction of our economy, along with the other disparities that are coming as a result of the quarantine. It's time to get back out there. Quarantine the sick and vulnerable. The consequences of continued quarantine far outweigh the benefits that may come from it."

"I think I have as much right to not wear a mask as other people do have the right to wear one. Our country is supposed to have equal rights, not special rights. A mask steams my glasses, makes me hot and miserable. We all have choices, and have to live with the choices we make."

"100% of the time, YES! Like it or not, we are still living in a pandemic. As I heard from a business owner this morning when I showed up wearing my mask--they said "yeah, I'm kind of over it and not wearing masks anymore."--which is really concerning. Just because we are tired of COVID-19, doesn't mean it can just be 'over'. That's not how it works. I mask for you, you mask for me! Let's keep each other SAFE!! and HEALTHY!!"

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