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Liberty is not boundless

You get to choose, but I don’t?

Not only that, but your ability to choose is more important than me living.

That’s the end logic of the current cry for liberty, defined here as our citizens’ God-given right to ignore the ultimate welfare of all others so they can do whatever they want: party together, worship together, infect together.

If we accept our Declaration of Independence, we value “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” The last two conditions, it should be obvious without saying, can’t be valued without the first being secured.

Those who purposely and wantonly go against the advice of our government, issued to help more of us remain safe for longer and to ensure a quicker transition back to a normal way of life, do so against their own best interests and everyone else’s. It doesn’t matter to the virus if they’re gathering for debauchery or prayer; they’ll spread it just as easily either way.

Okanogan County’s health officials, who have been working hard with county commissioners to get the county safe to open up, noted significant crowds last weekend paying no attention to social distancing mandates.

Because of those who insist it’s all a hoax or that it doesn’t apply to them, Okanogan County isn’t even eligible to apply for a variance for Phase 2 of the Safe Start path. And two more people tested positive yesterday.

The county, by the way, will need to get to Phase 2 in order for Lake Roosevelt’s graduation plans to proceed.

But the decisions and actions of some puts almost everyone in the county in peril, either health-wise or economically. We may be shut down and out of jobs — or dead — but at least somebody got their liberty.

Party — or pray — on!

Scott Hunter

editor and publisher


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