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Grand Coulee


1/13 - A woman reported losing her ID, kept in a cigarette pack, somewhere between the Electric City Bar & Grill and her home. She told police she’d already ordered a replacement, but wanted to report losing it in case someone found it and used it for bad purposes.

1/16 - Police were told about a Facebook post threatening towards the chief of police and other city employees.

1/17 - A suspicious person with a hoodie and bag was reported on Grand Coulee Avenue. Police were unable to locate anyone matching the description.

- A hit and run was reported from the hospital’s parking lot. A woman’s Ford pickup was reported hit by an elderly man backing out of the parking lot in his white pickup, and she said she felt the man was unaware of scraping her vehicle on which there was a white paint transfer. She was provided with a case number.

- A Grand Avenue woman reported that a man with a face tattoo and a female were knocking on her door. The pair left on foot. Police were unable to locate them.

1/18 - A man was taken to jail following an argument with his girlfriend on Kelso Avenue, where he allegedly punched holes in sheetrock and punched vanity mirrors, causing cuts on his hands, which had to be treated before he was taken to jail.

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

- A woman was taken to the hospital after being found in her black vehicle which had gone off the roadway along SR-155 north of Federal and Midway avenues.

- A driver thought possibly to be under the influence was contacted at Safeway. She was not intoxicated, but was tired and picking up a prescription.

1/19 - An officer assisted as emergency personal retrieved from a Boulder Avenue residence a man who has seizures, took him to the hospital, helped the patient stay still while an IV was applied, then stood by until he fell asleep.

- An officer stood by on SR-155 for a tow truck to arrive to tow a vehicle that had broken down and, while being pushed off the road, was blocking the entrance to the Department of Transportation in Electric City.


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