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11/18 - A shed at Sunbanks Lake Resort had been broken into where a truck, and about $5,000 worth of tools, including leaf blowers, an air compressor, propane tanks, and others were stolen. The truck was later located, having been towed by an Ephrata tow company.

11/19 - Two men on Dill Avenue argued. One of the men’s dogs was allegedly getting into the other’s yard. Each said they didn’t have any personal issues with the other but were frustrated with the dog situation. Guns were mentioned between the two but not used during their confrontations.

11/20 - A white Toyota van was reported as suspicious when it stopped near a Grand Coulee Avenue residence. A man and woman got out with flashlights, but drove off to the south on SR-174 when they saw the owner of the residence in the window.

- A woman reported losing her black purse at the 4-Corners gas station.

- A Main Street apartment manager reported that a tenant was upset about dust from construction getting on his X-Box and then not letting people work on plumbing in his apartment. The manager then reconciled with the tenant, and wanted the report to be informational only.

- A woman reported a man prowling a vehicle along Coulee Boulevard.

- A vehicle was reported running in an alley near Electric Boulevard for about 15 minutes. The owner was notified and moved the vehicle to the street.

- A child was reportedly sitting by a statue along SR-155. No child was located.

11/21 - A driver was pulled over along Coulee Boulevard in Electric City for having an expired registration. The driver didn’t have his license, but provided a name and last four digits of a Social Security number. The officer checked on that name, which was reported as belonging to a person with a valid license. But the officer was then contacted and told the name he was given was an alias of a man wanted on six arrest warrants, and whose license was suspended. The driver confessed to being that man and was arrested. He was taken to Grant County Jail. He was also charged for the expired tabs, driving without insurance, and driving with a suspended license.

- A man on his knees in the entryway of the Grand Coulee Manor was requesting an ambulance. In a slurred, apparently intoxicated voice, he said he’d injured his elbow. Eventually he said he just needed help to his room. A wheelchair was located, and he was helped to his room with it.

11/22 - A truck reported stolen was found a block away. A woman on Coulee Boulevard said she was woken up by an acquaintance early in the morning inquiring about the truck, which belongs to someone else. She learned later the truck had been moved about a block away. There was damage to the driver’s side window and passenger wing window, which police photographed. The woman said she could move the truck back, but wanted the incident documented in case anything was missing from the truck.

- A dog on Ronald Drive had water but not food. Concerned neighbors had been giving it food. An officer asked that they continue to do so and to contact police if the owners didn’t arrive soon. The dog was said to be skinny, but not to the point of it being the result of abuse.

- A silver Mustang with a black stripe was said to have been spinning “donuts” in the Safeway parking lot while someone sat on the hood. An officer spoke to the owner of the car, who said they moved the car and had backed out in a semi-circle in the process to get away from people smoking cigarettes in the parking lot. At no time was anyone riding on the outside of the car, police were told. No signs of donuts were found, and the owner of the car was told to drive safely.

11/23 - Someone was reported as sitting on the canal bridge along SR-174. Police found a 16-year-old boy there, who said he was just watching the ducks. His identification was noted.

11/24 - A bowhunter shot a deer, which then ran onto private property along SR-155 in the Electric City area. An officer contacted the property owner and was allowed to shoot the deer to kill it. The bowhunter tagged the animal and took it.

11/25 - Police assisted with traffic control during a structure fire along Elmer City Access Road.

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11/19 - Police received a report of a stolen cell phone, but when they investigated found that no theft had taken place. “CASE CLOSED!!!!!” the police report reads.

- A man driving north along SR-155 was pulled over near Pole Park for his backup light being on. He was cited for driving without insurance.

11/22 - A driving being pulled over for going 35 miles per hour in the 30 mph zone along the bridge, eventually pulled into the Harvest Foods parking lot, hitting another vehicle, leaving the vehicle running, and heading into the store when an officer told him to stop. The driver said something about being in a hurry to get to the store before heading to the big city. The officer showed him where he had hit another vehicle. He was issued a ticket for speeding on the bridge and for not having insurance. The wife of the owner of the vehicle that was hit said the damage had already been there from a previous accident. She didn’t see any new damage, and would ask her husband if he wanted to file a collision report.

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