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If someone asked you if you would commit to a job that could send you to anywhere in the world, even some of its worst places, for years, and that you had to obey orders of your supervisors at all times or there could be serious repercussions, and that the pay wasn’t great, and that it would be entirely possible that you could be in serious danger, even killed, would you jump at the chance?

You might, if, like the men and women depicted in our special section honoring veterans this week, you found that the job also allowed you to serve the nation you love, to promise to protect and defend it, to adhere to a clear code of conduct, and to value those things so highly that if it came to the worst, you would be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Such a mindset must be respected and honored, publicly. Not just because it’s a good thing to do, nice for our veterans, but because we need to remind ourselves of those values, of that honor, found in those who take that oath. Each individual in this nation needs to be reminded of that every so often. And the country as a whole is well served to set aside a special day for that purpose.

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Let's think of that on Monday, Veterans’ Day.

Scott Hunter

editor and publisher


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