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Raise sales tax to support law enforcement


Thank you, Sheriff Tom Jones, Prosecutor Garth Dano, Grant County commissioners and the various city councils for proposing and supporting Proposition 1. The 3/10 of 1% is the fairest method to fund badly needed additional law enforcement and justice throughout Grant County. Everyone who utilizes law and justice services has the opportunity and responsibility to contribute to its funding. Not only do all residents of the county contribute, but more importantly so will all tourists, concert goers and visitors who utilize and tax our already overworked law enforcement.

With the growth of Grant County and its communities, law and justice staffing has become a critical issue. When the unfortunate occurrence necessitates the need to call 911, we do not have the luxury of “waiting in line” due to short staffing and increased crime. Due to local tax funding inadequacies throughout Grant County, the number of officers per 1,000 residents has steadily declined, while crime has increased. Our cities and towns are unable to increase patrols and law enforcement services without additional funding.

Our jail is outdated, drastically undersized and dangerously understaffed. The criminal element throughout Grant County are fully aware they will not be taken to jail, unless they commit a serious felony, due to overcrowding. Repeat petty theft, driving and other misdemeanor crime offenses increase daily without the ability to incarcerate the offenders due to a full jail.

The impact of Proposition 1 is insignificant to each of us. Major purchases, such as new cars as well as food, are excluded from the tax! If you spend $100, the tax is 30 cents, and, if you are a tourist or visitor, you pay the same tax as residents of the county.

Please join me in supporting Proposition 1!

Dave Canfield

Moses Lake

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