By Jesse Utz 

Where do you stand? It makes a difference

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Recently, we have heard a lot about different people taking a stand. These people from different backgrounds, different educations, different financial statuses and different beliefs have drawn a line in the sand and are fighting for freedom, political views, multiple causes and basic human rights. How they do this has been different and socially inspiring to some but also irritating and offensive to others. When you take a stand for whatever you choose to fight for, it is important to be confident upon what you are standing.

A firm foundation is important. Any contractor will tell you that. The larger the building, the more weight the foundation must hold. If the foundation is not installed correctly the product of choice will crumble, crack, leak and eventually turn to powder under the enormous strain. You must also be aware of the environment when choosing a foundation to build upon. A wet environment will need added precautions, an environment known for earthquakes will also need added structural support. You must also plan for settling of the ground beneath your foundation as well.

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Much like a building foundation, when you start taking a stand for a cause you must also make sure you are standing on solid ground. You have all the facts, you know the history, and you understand the consequences and have a long-term plan to fix the so-called soap box issue. Because, much like the building of a poor foundation that will crumble down under the weight, so will you fighting for a cause if you are not prepared for the weight that comes with carrying such a heavy burden.

“Build upon the Rock,” in Mathew 7, still rings true today. Psalm 78 says that “God was their Rock” and in Psalm 18 it says we are to “stand upon the Rock.” So as a God believer, and knowing that my filter for all I do is in a book called the Bible, I must weigh and press all things through the pages of that book, making those things come to life in my life. So that I know that when I speak on any subject, I have foundation coming from the word of God. If I do that, though, I must take the entire book. From Genesis to Revelation, and stand on it all, believing it all true for today, and just as relevant.

That being said, I do not sit back and wait for a “return” of a King. I am active. I am listening and obeying and doing what I am called to do. God has me right here, at this time for a reason. God has me speaking to this person and that person for a reason. God has me connecting with people in Ecuador, Taiwan, Mexico, Canada, Liberia, Australia and Russia for a reason, and I must trust the foundation on which I stand. Because it matters today.

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I do not have all the answers; some personal things are not in the book for which I referred. But there are some things within its pages that can help me when I feel wronged, hurt or upset. I will pray about the things I don’t know and cling to the things I do. I have seen people healed, I have seen miracles, I have seen lives changed by the man known as Jesus. I and others were only a conduit for God to flow because we stood upon a firm foundation. A foundation that has been there for 2,000 years and still has not faltered. A solid Rock on which I stand. A solid Rock on which we stand.


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