The lost dog Wilson was found by Sean Holland and Malisha Small of Pasco, who saw the lost dog info only after finding him. The Star got Holland’s last name wrong, as well as where they were from, and stated incorrectly that they had recognized the dog from posters before finding him. Usually mistakes happen one at a time, not three! Sorry folks.

In story about the boy who won a raffled playhouse last week, we got his name right, but some other parts of the story, not so much.

Ellen and Rex Kiner, of Electric City, had won the playhouse raffled off by the Ridge Riders in 2018 and gave it to their niece Jennifer Grubb’s son, Daylan, in Ephrata. Jennifer’s husband, Pete, won this year’s playhouse, which they gave to Aiden, Ellen Kiner clarified after reading the story in The Star.


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