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Last updated 7/24/2019 at 9:43am

Grand Coulee Police

7/17 - People on King Street said they would pick up any wood that fell out of their red pickup truck near the “old Grand Coulee highway,” as was reported.

A woman wanted on warrants was hiding in a clothes dryer at a King Street residence police were allowed to search. The woman was arrested and taken to jail. 

A man known to be wanted on a warrant was spotted at the 4-Corners gas station, arrested, and taken to jail.

7/17-18 - An intoxicated man at apartments near Lakeview Avenue in Electric City “was not having a good day,” and listening to loud rock and roll music. The man complained about everything his neighbors have done to him and his plants the past 18 years. He appeared to calm down and was instructed by an officer to turn down his music. 

7/18 - A man on E Street was told to turn down his music following a noise complaint.

7/19 - People on Goodfellow Avenue were told to keep their voices down following a complaint. The people were found to be picking fruit from their trees, joking with one another, and happy, but being loud in the process. One of the people who were loud was voicing her annoyance at the complaint, the police report stated.

- USBR Plant Protection reported a suspicious person walking down SR-155 and wanting to fight an off-duty security guard near the Visitor Center. The man, intoxicated, told an officer he just wanted to “**** someone up.” The man realized the error of his ways and apologized.

- A man and woman reportedly in a domestic dispute went to the hospital. An officer spoke to them about it there. The woman had reportedly slapped a cigarette out of the man’s mouth. They went to the hospital for an unrelated reason. 

7/20 - There was a landlord-tenant dispute on Grand Avenue in Electric City. The landlord had reportedly been at the residence packing up the tenant’s belongings. The tenant said she was told she was being evicted a few days prior. An officer told her the landlord had to follow the laws and to call police if he showed up again. Police were unable to reach the landlord, who also is wanted on a misdemeanor warrant. 

- The gas station at 4-Corners wanted a purple-haired panhandler banned. The panhandler had left in a vehicle before police arrived. 

7/21 - A Grand Coulee man overheard a phone call with his ex-girlfriend and another man, a coworker who reportedly said he was going to knock him out. The man was told to tell his employer about it and document any harassment that takes place. 

- Police responded to the Kelso Avenue area where a man was reportedly passed out behind the wheel. The driver was fine, simply waiting for someone. 

Coulee Dam Police 

7/15 - A woman who was out of town was told by a neighbor that a man was hanging out near her property on Columbia Avenue. The woman wanted the man to be told to stay away from her residence, and said she worried about her niece’s safety who was watching her house for her. An officer spoke to the neighbor who said that while she and the niece had been walking, the man was looking at them, and they felt uncomfortable. The officer told the women to call 911 if they heard noises or there was further incident. The officer later saw the man near city hall, away from the residences.

- A man wanted on a felony warrant was sitting at a slot machine in the downstairs part of the casino. The man was arrested and taken to Okanogan County Jail. 

7/17 - An officer stood by on Tilmus Street while a cable company pulled cable through back yards where the company has utility access for the project. Property owners had made threats for them to stay off their property.


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