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Time to replace city officials

What is happening to Electric City? When I found out about Western Avenue being closed off, I asked the city clerk whose numb-nutted idea this was, and he said it was his. It seems apparent that the mayor and city council will go against emergency services to make the city clerk happy?

The mayor and council, for some reason, don’t want community meetings on big projects, probably because they know the majority of residents are against their agenda.

Our fire chief tried to save the city from making an irresponsible decision, and then received a letter from the mayor that would lead to disciplinary action or even firing. The letter was not even signed by the mayor and was actually hand delivered by an Electric City employee. There is definitely something wrong with this. At the May first meeting that was called for in this letter, the amount of support for the chief was astounding.

City officials should consider potential ramifications when reprimanding the fire chief in such a manner, since the other volunteer firemen support their chief and volunteers can quit at any time.

It’s time to replace city officials who support such irrational projects and decisions. Remember this when it is time to vote this fall.

George Kohout

Electric City resident


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