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4/12 - A driver received a speeding ticket after being pulled over along SR-174 and F Street for going 49 miles per hour in a 35-mph zone.

4/13 - A woman pulled over near the overlook area just above Grand Coulee Dam for having expired tabs was cited for driving without a license.

4/14 - A woman on 3rd Street in Electric City reported intoxicated men fighting in the street. Turns out a man was housesitting a nearby house, and two of his friends came over, eventually fighting in the street. Officers spoke with one of the friends, who said the other friend “got all up in his feelings,” and left the house. Concerned for his friend, he followed, and the two wrestled a little. When they heard the police were coming, the other friend fled. There were neither injuries nor charges.

4/15 - An officer stood by while a man, said to have a history of causing problems with medical staff, was treated in the emergency room at the hospital. The man didn’t cause any issues while being treated.

4/16 - A driver stopped near Columbia Road and Spokane Avenue for expired tabs was cited for that and for not having a valid license.

- An officer responded to a report of an ambulance hitting a parked semi truck at the hospital parking lot. The ambulance driver said he was trying to squeeze by the semi when he scraped and scratched the passenger side of the truck, also causing a scratch to the driver’s side rear of the ambulance. The truck driver said his boss wasn’t concerned about the paint transfer from the scrape, and didn’t require any insurance information. The ambulance was taken to Bird’s Auto for an estimate on the damage.

- Police arrived at the Hi Dam Tavern on Main Street where a man was yelling at others in the street in front of the tavern. Described as intoxicated, unsteady on his feet, and slurring his words, he had an abrasion on his ear and blood on his shirt, of which he was unaware until it was pointed out. He said he was mugged and beaten by another man. That man had left before the officer arrived and could not be contacted. The bar owner and manager both said that the man outside had caused trouble in the bar multiple times and they wished for him to be banned. The officer told the man this, and his wife drove him home.

4/17 - A woman working at the senior center on Main Street said people in a black truck had stolen items from the thrift store there, as she was told by other customers. An officer located the truck on Dill Avenue and spoke to people inside, who said they’d paid for the items. The woman at the senior center wanted them banned from the store.

- A man on Dill Avenue was upset about another man he said had stolen his money at the casino the night before. The man was just talking to his friends about how upset he was, and there was no violence as was initially suspected by the person who called the police.

4/18 - A driver pulled over in the Four Corners area for having a brake light out was cited for driving with a suspended license.

4/19 - The Electric City Bar & Grill reported that a woman came in and began pushing a man. The woman refused to leave at the time, but left before police arrived. An officer found her walking down the street and informed her she was banned from the bar. She said she didn’t plan to stick around the town for long.

4/20 - An officer saw a man stumbling along SR-155 near Snyder Hill Road and gave the man, who had been drinking, a courtesy ride to his Grand Coulee apartment.

- An officer responded to a report that a woman had walked onto the job site at the USBR fire station under construction on SR-155 and was fighting with employees. A foreman told the officer she was an employee’s girlfriend who was arguing with him and other employees, but didn’t want to press any charges.

4/21 - A man reported a possible accident near A Street and SR-174 after hearing a crash that rattled his windows at about 1:50 a.m. An officer found a stop sign that had been struck in that area that had been ripped from the ground. He concluded that a vehicle had veered off SR-174 off a small hill and struck the ground near A Street. There was plastic from a bumper and a large amount of oil on the ground. The officer followed the oil trail to a nearby A Street residence, finding the damaged car and a man. The man said he had swerved off the road to avoid a deer. He consented to a voluntary blood alcohol test and blew a 0.174, more than twice the legal limit. The man was cited for driving under the influence.

- Police arrested a man wanted on a felony warrant who was seen walking down SR-174 near Butler Square. He was taken to Grant County Jail.

- A Dill Avenue resident was mailed an infraction for a public nuisance violation after having been mailed a code enforcer letter to clean up property in October, but still having miscellaneous items strung through the yard.

4/23 - An officer responded to a report of people yelling on Dill Avenue and found two women arguing at the door of a residence. One of them walked into another residence and refused to speak to the officer. The other, not of legal age to drink, spoke to the officer, appearing intoxicated. She said they’d knocked on the wrong house looking for a friend, but wouldn’t explain more. She was cited for being a minor intoxicated in a public place, and was given a courtesy ride to the Coulee House Motel in Coulee Dam, where she was staying.

- Two males in red Toyota Tundra were reportedly driving erratically down Spokane Way, nearly running the reporting party off the road. An officer was unable to locate the Toyota.

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