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4/8 - An officer responded to an accident near the top of the dam on SR-155. A Subaru Legacy was said in the police report to be driving up the hill when it left the right shoulder of the road, hit the rock wall, and flipped onto the driver’s side. Both occupants of the vehicle, a man and a woman, were responsive and with minimal injuries, the police report states, and refused medical treatment.

4/9 - One man had another man’s trailer parked at his Dill Avenue residence while the other man was in Florida. The trailer went missing and was thought to be stolen, but had actually been taken by the wife of the man in Florida.

- An apartment manager on Hill Street said that a tenant was threatening her. The tenant allegedly had extra people living with her, going against the lease agreement, and the tenant allegedly told the manager she was going to “get her ass kicked.” An officer spoke to the tenant and told her it was a civil issue, and to abide by the lease to protect herself.

4/10 - A man asked an officer to check on the well being of his granddaughter, who is staying on Dill Avenue with a man of whom the complainant disapproves. An officer went to the residence, where a woman told him the granddaughter was fine. The officer asked to speak to her, but the woman said she was out finding cigarette butts with the man. The officer told the woman to tell the granddaughter to contact her family.

4/11 - An officer responded to a report of a noise disturbance at the Continental Heights apartments. The manager let the officer into the apartment to check on the welfare of the tenant, and turn the volume down on their television.

- Electric City reported that door-to-door vacuum salesmen were back in the area, having been there a few days before. An officer found the salesmen at Jack’s Four Corners and told them they need a license to sell in the area. The men said they were just delivering orders already purchased, and would get a license in the future when they plan to return.

4/12 - An officer responded to a 911 hangup call on Coulee Boulevard. A woman said no one could have used the phone because they were watching TV and napping. Her husband was indeed napping in his easy chair.

- An officer saw a black Honda on SR-155 with a registration that shows the car as being turquoise. The officer turned on his overhead lights along Midway Avenue, but the car didn’t pull over. The officer turned on his siren, and another officer turned to join in the pursuit and turned on his lights. The vehicle continued to drive the speed limit into Coulee Dam, crossed the bridge, and continued on SR-155 River Drive. At about River Drive and Crest Avenue the vehicle sped up to about 65 mph, the police report states. The car then drove in the oncoming traffic lane at 85 mph. The vehicle entered Elmer City at 60 mph and passed Peter Dan Road at 90 mph. At about milepost 34, near Belvedere, the officer was told to terminate the pursuit because of danger to other vehicles. The officer passed information along to Colville Tribal Police and the Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office.

4/13 - An officer spoke to a man regarding threatening text messages he’d received at 2:30 a.m. The text messages reportedly said, “I know what you did last summer,” “Look out your window,” and “We all know what you did.” The man said it might be one of his friends messing with him, and that he would call police if he received more threatening messages.

- A woman on Banks Avenue reported damage to her 1979 Ford pickup truck, seemingly caused by a tire that rolled down a nearby hill, hitting the truck, causing front-end damage.

- A driver pulled over near Coulee Playland was given a speeding ticket for going 56 in the 45 zone along SR-155 in that area.

Coulee Dam

4/8 - There was a loose dog on River Drive. The owner was contacted and told the dog was tied to his fence. The owner said he would be home soon to put the dog away.

4/9 - An officer responded to a medical alarm on River Drive. The officer knocked on the door, and a woman shouted that she was on the porch. The officer found the woman sitting on the porch, saying she had fallen and couldn’t get up. The woman said she was fine, but needed help up. The officer helped her up to her walker and then to sit down. The woman said friends were on their way to help.

- An officer pulled over a driver on River Drive for not having a front license plate. When told the reason for being pulled over, the police report says, the driver of the pickup expressed surprise, stepped out of the vehicle, and said it must have just recently fallen off. The man had a suspended driver’s license, for which he was cited, and also a warrant for his arrest. He was arrested and taken to Okanogan County Jail, and his passenger took control of the truck.

4/12 - An officer spoke with door-to-door vacuum sales people in the area of Fir Street and Holly Street. The officer told them they needed a permit from city hall to sell door to door.

- A man was given a speeding ticket for going 50 mph in the 30-mph zone near Pole Park along SR-155.

- A gas station attendant found what appeared to be crystal meth in a baggie near a gas pump at Jack’s Coulee Dam gas station. An officer arrived and saw a man who seemed to be looking for something, who left as soon as the officer arrived. The officer recorded the license plate of the vehicle the man got into, registered to an owner in Spokane. The substance was taken to the police department as found property but was not field tested.

4/13 - A driver was pulled over on SR-155 for going 40 mph in the 30-mph zone near the dam. He was passing several cars while driving up the hill toward the dam. He also had an expired registration, expired license, and no insurance. He was cited for speeding, the expired registration, and for not having insurance.


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