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By Jesse Utz 

Divine appointments

Jess, shut up!


Last updated 4/3/2019 at 9:56am

Spring break will be half over by the time you read this. The kids are running loose in neighborhoods everywhere, and staff from every school is resting up for the final leg of this school year. Usually during the break, Karrie and I are chaperoning kids somewhere in the state. But this year we stayed home and were blessed by our hometown and others.

I had a plan for Monday: Be at Les Schwab when it opens to get the tires changed. That was my plan and my timing. It did not turn out the way I planned. First, I woke up later than I wanted to. Then I realized that I did not have keys to our garage that the tires were stored in. By the time I did get the keys and the tires and arrived at Les Schwab, I was told I would have a three-hour wait. No big deal. Karrie and I went to Voltage Coffee House.

While there, we had a pleasant visit with a Lake Roosevelt senior’s grandmother as we ate our breakfast and drank some coffee. I noticed someone in the kitchen working and felt a draw from within me to speak to the person, but the opportunity never arrived. We decided to walk around the block and maybe stop at Loepp’s and browse a bit.

While in the Coulee’s famous furniture store and dreaming of the comfort of rocking a new grandchild to sleep in a brand-new Lazy Boy, we struck up a conversation with someone we knew well, and before we knew it, we were praying for him and his grandchild to be healed. It was at that moment that we realized God had a bigger appointment for us than just a tire change.

As we left, we knew we had just had a divine appointment given by our Creator. We walked a little farther down the road and ran into a man we have been wanting to chat with for a while. We stood on the sidewalk beside the Senior Center and shared with each other what God was doing in our lives. It was an anointed chat. We headed up the hill.

Our car had not moved yet. So back to Voltage for something cool to drink this time. We ran into a friend named Jeff and shared some things with each other over our drinks. It was another great chat. Jeff left, but before we did we struck up a conversation with the worker behind the counter and once again prayer was had because of a divine appointment. When we were done, we noticed our car had moved, so we headed to check on it.

Not ready yet, but God was. We struck up another conversation with a friend with senior students. A great conversation again, and our car became ready. We headed out to return the keys to the garage. We had to turn around a little ways down the road. We forgot to drop off our tires. Back to the garage, dropped off tires, back down the hill, a visit with an adorable baby, back up the hill and to the hardware store.

Before we could enter, a phone call came to us from someone we had prayed for the day before. We sat in the car and listened to her tell us of her miraculous encounter and healing. She was healed. We entered the store and gathered what we needed. As we stood in line, we said hello to a gentleman we have wanted to speak with for over a year. We then went home.

Not long after being home, the gentleman we ran into on the sidewalk stopped by to finish our visit and wanted us to speak to someone about the things we had discussed. It was the other gentleman whom we had seen in the hardware store.

Why did I tell you all of this? Because God’s timing is better than our own. If one thing would have gone according to my plan, then a divine appointment would have been missed. Someone would not have been prayed for, a conversation would not have been had, I would not have seen the man for just those 15 seconds it took to say hello. The other reason I am telling you this is because God has divine appointments set up for you as well. When they happen, we need to act upon them and be bold. Pray for those who are placed in your path, talk to people, say hello; you never know when God’s plan just may be bigger than our own. I’m Jess Saying.


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