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To Tribal Members:


I feel compelled to express my concerns to our four Nespelem District Representatives. I would like to remind our district representatives you are seated on council by a vote of the eligible Nespelem District voters; therefore, ANY decisions you make at the council table should be what the majority of our people want, not by your own personal opinions or feelings.

I grew up at the old longhouse, which was very strict, “unwritten laws.” I appreciate our sacred teachings from our cherished elders of the longhouse.

Our elders held our traditional teachings in the highest regard. My father had the highest respect for our women. The women are the backbone of families. They are givers of life and prepare sacred food. The men were raised to be protectors, providers, hunters and fishermen. As time moves forward, our teachings are being forgotten unless you’re sincerely a believer of our longhouse traditional ways. Currently, I see our longhouse ways being exploited for notoriety and personal gain, which goes against our sacred teachings. From childhood, the men always revered our women; longhouse men are taught to respect all women and elders.

The tribal members are at the top of the tribes’ organizational chart, and we are our most valuable resource. Recently, the actions of the majority of the Colville Business Council appear to violate the “Tribal Constitution” and “Code of Professional Responsibility,” as we understand the chairman only votes in event of a tie.

As I sit back and watch all this ugliness play out at the council table, I’’m appalled at how much control and corruption a few people have to make final decisions for the whole Colville Business Council. Eight of you council, including one illegal vote (the chairperson) expelled the Nespelem District council woman (for whom) over 400 eligible district voters, including myself, voted to represent us. This person is highly law educated, carries herself with dignity; she’s an active, beloved member in our communities. We need ethical and knowledgeable leaders like her.

Respectfully for

the membership

Dorothy Redthunder



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