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2/10 - A man at the Hill Street apartments reported that a man who had been banned the previous day was at the apartments. The man, sitting in his vehicle, said he didn’t exit the vehicle and therefore was not trespassing. The reporting party said he saw the man knock on the door of the apartment manager, who was not home. The man denied this. The officer reminded him he was banned from the property and left the scene.

- A Safeway manager reported that two females had hidden alcohol in a bag, then went through the checkout without paying for the booze. He confronted them as they left, and they took off in a blue pickup. An officer believed the vehicle was parked on Ronald Drive. The woman who answered the door there said she hadn’t left the house, and security footage didn’t show her. The Safeway card used for what the suspects had purchased matched a driver’s license photo matching one of the women in the security footage, whose address was listed as the Ronald Drive home. The woman who answered the door again denied having left the house. The officer asked where the identified woman was, and she said she didn’t know. The officer told her that theft charges would be filed against the identified woman.

2/11 - Two men were reported fighting in the street with knives at Martin Hill and Grand Coulee Avenue. A second reporting party said she thought that one man had been stealing from the other, leading to the fight. One of the men had fled when police arrived, but an officer found him at Garner and Wetzel, holding an expandable metal baton. The officer drew his weapon and ordered the man to get on the ground and distance himself from the weapon, which he did. Another officer arrived. The man was placed in cuffs, and knives were found on him. He was taken back to the location of the fight. An officer spoke with witnesses and the other man in the fight, who said the other man owed him money for a snowmobile. He said confronting him about it led to the fight. The man who in cuffs said the other man had been the aggressor, and he was only practicing self defense. Eyewitness reports didn’t support this claim, so police arrested him for assault with a deadly weapon and disorderly conduct and took him to Grant County Jail.

- An intoxicated female told an officer she was locked out of her Burdin Boulevard residence and was cold. A neighbor had the landlord’s phone number, and let the cold woman stay with her until he arrived to let her into her place.

2/12 - An intoxicated male wearing a red coat was staggering near the railing of the upper level of the Skydeck Motel. He was then said to be walking toward the highway while talking to himself. He told an officer he had been drinking and was heading toward Goodfellow.

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