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By Jesse Utz 

It is time to change our tune


Last updated 7/1/2018 at 2:48pm

First off, a disclaimer: I know many of you will disagree with me on this topic, but please bear in mind that if we want change, we have to be the change.

For years, Lake Roosevelt schools have gotten a bad rap. I am not saying it is not deserved, and I am not saying that everything is perfect now or that everything is fixed, but we are making progress and trying. The main issue, in my opinion, is the way we speak of our own schools. The way we portray things is just as important as the history. Anyone can look up the data and info, but what you cannot look up online is the heart and atmosphere of change. Or can you?

Let’s start with this year’s senior class. Outstanding to say the least, over $700,000 in scholarships and over half the class committed to a higher level of education or military. Not bad for a class of LR, if you listen to the naysayers out there. This is also a class that put in over 3,000 hours of community service in the towns of Nespelem, Elmer City, Coulee Dam, Grand Coulee and Electric City. I’m sure that the surrounding areas also benefited from those hours, as well.

Let’s also look at how many former students have returned to the area to raise their kids. I can think of over 20 former students of LR who have returned to the area. There are many more than that. If it was so bad when they were here, then why did they return? Oh, did I mention test scores rising here? Did I mention a new school? Did I mention a thriving after-school program? Did I mention great sports programs? Did I mention that the State PSE Employee of the Year works here?

But the main reason we must change our song and dance is pretty simple. If we want good, quality people coming to our area, we must support all aspects of it. We are having a large turnover this year in the district, and if we want to attract the right people we must not detract them; we must support. Yes, we have issues; but if you want a change at the school, then support it by not bad mouthing it and helping bring in good citizens to not only teach and guide our children, but to live beside us as neighbors. That includes social media posts. Support the PTA and other programs as they try desperately to recruit new blood and new ideas.

We have seen three new businesses pop up here in the past few months. That, in itself, is a sign. A push has been made to bring Natural Helpers back into our school. Many of you out there were a part of this awesome program when it was changing lives before. It will change lives again. More signs.

The bottom line is this: It is easy to stand on one side of the fence and verbally throw rocks, but are you willing to step over the fence and help fix things? Throwing rocks is easy. But can you be a part of the solution? There will be some changes at Lake Roosevelt Schools over the summer. Let’s support whomever and whatever happens within the halls, for the sake of our kids. I’m just saying.


Reader Comments(1)

Amanda Burton writes:

Well said Jesse! This school is a reflection of our community, it will be as strong as we allow it to be.

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