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Great community helped find lost dog


3I recently lost my dog in the Grand Coulee area, and with the help of your wonderful community, I got him back safely.

I wrote a poem about the ordeal and wanted to share it with the all the people who so graciously helped. Thank you.

Dave Bremmer

A Lost Dog

it was a Sunday like many, we went out for a drive

the beautiful scenery, caused our spirits to revive

we headed to Grand Coulee, it was not in our plans

but a worthwhile endeavor, with time on our hands

we peered at the dam, it was an extraordinary feat

concrete and iron, where imagination and ingenuity meet

I thought to myself, how beautiful this scene

the majestic mountain backdrop, so lovely so serene

but the sense of serenity, turned to dread and fear

as man’s best friend was lost, he was nowhere near

we drove around frantically, where could he have gone

we retraced our steps, the search had to press on

but nighttime was coming, and we had to go home

so we had to leave him there, scared and alone

Michael at Safeway made some internet posts

to try and help find him, but Henri was a ghost

Monday morning I got up, and headed to my job

I maintained my composure, but I really wanted to sob

3:30 came around, and I printed off some flyers

then off to Grand Coulee, before the daylight could expire

I posted the flyers and talked to concerned people in the town

I wanted to be hopeful, and not get myself down

Henri had been seen, on Sunday at 4:00

but it was one day later, and there was nothing more

I drove around calling and yelling out his name

but as nightfall took over, it was more of the same

so I headed home, sad, bereft and lonely

too many unanswered questions, too many “if onlys”

I couldn’t sleep that night, I feared for his life

rattlesnakes, coyotes, and other wildlife

Tuesday rolled around, I was tired and depressed

but a call came from Coulee, I suddenly felt blessed

Henri had been spotted, wet and afraid

the people of Grand Coulee had come to my aid

a total stranger heard my story and laid awake in his bed

so he got up early the next morning and went searching in my stead

Dennis and Madisyn spotted Henri by the highway

alive, skittish, and afraid, he quickly ran away

my spirits now buoyed, I jumped in my car

and two hours to Grand Coulee, seemed not very far

I went to the place, that he was last seen

and searched high and low, in every crevice and ravine

but as noon rolled around my excitement was waning

so I went off to Fusion Cafe, for my stomach was complaining

then back I went to driving, and calling out his name

feeling sad, sick and lonely, feeling I was to blame

then quickly from behind, a pickup chased me down

was the rancher mad at me, for traipsing on his ground

he had seen a dog, walking down his neighbor’s drive

a black tri-color aussie, it’s Henri, HE’S ALIVE!

so I followed him on over, down the dusty gravel road

jumped out, peered out in the sage, as the tears started to flow

Henri was safe, though a little worse for wear

and God had used this wonderful town to answer my heartfelt prayer

To Karyn: you’re an angel, as pretty as can be

you have a caring, wonderful, and amazing family

To Mr. Nelson: Thank you for tracking me down

you live in what I believe, is the greatest little town.

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