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4/30 - Police checked on the occupants of a truck that left the alley after hours from behind Loepps, which had furniture in it. The driver told the officer that he had permission to take the items from a clerk at the store. The officer got the ID’s of the two and told them he would check with the store in the morning to see if everything was OK.

- A man wanted on a warrant for his arrest was found inside Coulee Dam Casino. Officers from both Grand Coulee and Coulee Dam took part in the arrest of the man, who was taken to Okanogan County jail.

- A man on Young Street was warned about his dog being loose after the officer received a complaint about the dog.

- Police stopped a Cadillac near Four Corners when the officer noticed the car didn’t have a front license plate. After checking the vehicle information, the driver was issued a citation for not having insurance.

5/1 - A woman was asked to leave the Grand Coulee Dam Senior Center for the day after causing a disturbance with another woman.

- A man in an apartment on Crest Avenue in Electric City was asked to turn his music down after police got a complaint from someone living nearby.

- The owner of storage units reported that two of the units had locks removed, but it didn’t appear that anything had been removed.

5/2 - A woman on Partello Street explained to police that she wanted to keep her husband out of the house. The officer explained that she would need to get a court order.

5/4 - A business owner arriving to work on Spokane Way advised police that two doors to the business were not secured. The officer went through the business but couldn’t find anyone inside and determined that the doors hadn’t been secured.

- The manager of a Hill Avenue apartment complex reported that a $150 lawnmower was missing.

5/5 - Police saw a person, known to have no driver’s license, was seen driving and pulled him over. The officer cited him, and a licensed driver came to take charge of the vehicle.

- A woman on Burdin Boulevard reported that several males were standing in her yard, talking. An officer went to the area but the parties were gone. Later, the woman called again with the same story. Again, the parties were gone, but the officer learned the type of vehicle that had been parked nearby.

5/6 - A woman on Midway Avenue said that someone had robbed her and taken her house key and checkbook. Police responded and showed the woman that she still had the checkbook. Later, the woman found the key inside the residence.

5/7 - An officer assisted Coulee Dam police after a short chase near Elmer City. The vehicle was stopped with a woman driving. A passenger tried to get police to say he was the driver.

- A person on Roosevelt Drive was cited for having nine dogs. The person had been warned nine times about having too many dogs. The city ordinance allows two dogs.

5/8 - A Nespelem man was cited for having an expired registration and no insurance after he was stopped driving someone else’s vehicle. The registration had expired in April 2017.

Coulee Dam

4/20 - A woman on Stevens Avenue reported suspicious circumstances.

4/24 - An officer checked on an alarm problem going off in east Coulee Dam. It was learned that an alarm used by the fire department was going off. The switch was turned off and the fire department notified.

4/25 - Police were notified of the death of a man in a basement apartment on Central Drive. The officer left when the tribal coroner arrived.

4/26 - An officer found that a report of a vehicle theft on Cedar Street was unfounded.

- A woman on Spruce Street told police that three young men damaged her fence and then ran away. The officer had a description of the three, but couldn’t locate them.

4/27 - An alarm at the National Park Service headquarters was going off. Police found that it was a false alarm.

- At Sixth and Birch, Police stopped and cited a driver whose license was suspended.

4/30 - A man, known to be wanted on a warrant for his arrest, was located inside Coulee Dam Casino, arrested and taken to Okanogan County jail.

- After an incident at Harvest Foods, police are asking the prosecutor to file charges of disorderly conduct and making false statements to law enforcement. A man and woman were asked to leave the store due to a previous incident and caused a ruckus both inside and outside the store.

5/2 - Police were called to Lake Roosevelt High School, where a student was being suspended but refused to leave. The student had left before police arrived.

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