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4/16 - Police were informed of a 16-year-old intoxicated girl at a residence in Electric City. When police arrived, they learned of a warrant for her arrest, and she was taken to juvenile authorities in Okanogan County.

- A woman told police that she had asked a person she only knew by a first name to use her bank card to get her groceries, and claimed a loss of $900. She had called 911 but hung up when they asked for her name. Police learned of a warrant for the arrest of the woman who claimed the loss. She was taken to jail on the warrant.

- A mental health office had called in regard to a 16-year-old boy who had stated that he had a desire to kill a female student. Police have informed all parties of the problem and are helping with plans to keep the two apart.

4/17 - A person reported seeing a man yelling and waving his arms in a field behind Seaton Street and then entering an apartment in Continental Heights.

4/19 - The manager at public housing on Continental Heights told police that he had ordered a man away from the facility and that he left only after the manager said he was going to call the police. The intruder stated, “They better bring their guns,” according to the report. Police found the man walking toward Spokane Way, where he told the officer he was only trying to visit his mother. The manager asked that he be banned from the facility, and the man was advised of that request.

- The same man entered Jess Ford later, asking to test drive a Mustang. He left without incident.

- A Safeway clerk told police that two women had taken a cart full of groceries without paying for them and wanted them banned from the store.

- Coulee Medical Center contacted police with regard to a man who had lacerations to his hand and stated that he wanted to turn himself in. Police learned that he had gone to a residence on D Street, where he got into an argument and punched out a window. He was arrested on a malicious mischief charge and police added domestic violence, since he had previously lived there.

- While police were in the hospital on another matter, staff advised an officer that a woman patient wanted to speak with him. The woman’s face was all bruised. She told police that she had taken her boyfriend to Spokane to enter rehab, but he refused to go inside. Instead, he returned to Grand Coulee with her and when they arrived he struck her, she said. Police are looking for the man, who will be charged with fourth-degree assault, domestic violence.

4/20 - A woman on Second Street said that she received a phone call from the IRS and from some collection company. She was told not to give information to such callers because they are scammers.

4/22 - A woman on Weil Place called police to report that her young daughter had found a knife in their backyard and wanted to turn it over to police. The knife was taken and destroyed.

- A report of drug activity on Dill Avenue was checked by police and judged unfounded.

- Bureau of Reclamation security reported that two people were seen near the new fire hall under construction. Police told them to stay away from the site.

Coulee Dam


4/8 - A driver was cited for driving with a suspended license after being stopped at 12th Street and River Drive.

- A man on Central Drive reported that an unknown person had tried to enter his house by turning the doorknob. Police couldn’t find anyone in the area.

- A man on Camas Street complained that the neighbor’s dog was in his yard again. When police arrived, the dog was back in the house.

4/13 - A man who lives across the street from the high school gym told police that someone leaving the gym area had backed into his vehicle. He stated it was the second time this has happened in the past two months. Police stated they would watch the area.

4/15 - An officer saw a woman known to him walking on River Drive, and after checking with dispatch learned that she had a felony warrant for her arrest. She was taken into custody and taken to Okanogan County jail.

4/16 - Police checked on a 911 call made from the elementary school. A staff member said she had made the call and tried to hang up before the call was complete.

4/18 - A driver was cited for driving with a suspended license after being stopped for driving with his studded tires still on.

4/20 - A person on Stevens Avenue reported a “suspicious person/circumstance.”

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