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3/5 - Tribal police asked for assistance in transferring a person on a warrant to Grant County jail. Tribal police brought the man to Grand Coulee, and an officer drove him to Ephrata.

3/6 - Police went to a Crest Drive apartment in Electric City on a suspected domestic issue. The couple said they had been arguing because of being kept up by their baby crying. Police told the couple to get along.

- Police stopped a Coulee Dam driver and cited him for having expired tabs.

- An officer checked on a report of a shot or loud noise near Federal Avenue. It wasn’t determined what had caused the noise.

3/7 - Police saw a man walking on SR-155 known to be wanted on a warrant for his arrest. The officer found what was suspected to be a drug kit in his possession. The Almira resident was taken to Grant County jail on the warrant, and the kit was sent to the state crime lab for analysis, with further charges pending.

- A man on Coulee Boulevard West in Electric City reported that someone had forced open his soda machine and taken some $35 in change from it. The man reported that it might take as much as several hundred dollars to make the repairs.

- An Omak man wanted on a warrant, standing around the Hill Avenue apartments, was arrested, and faced additional charges of being in possession of a controlled substance and of drug paraphernalia, and with having a dagger. He was taken to Grant County jail.

- A Butler Square man was banned from an Electric City man’s property after he was seen speeding around the house.

- An officer assisted a tribal officer in picking up a man who allegedly had violated a no-contact court order. While the two were arresting the suspect, a bail bondsman arrived to take custody of the woman inside the apartment.

3/8 - A man on Palmer Avenue in Electric City told police that someone had entered his trailer parked in the carport and stolen a flat-screen TV. The man said he was sure that he had locked the trailer.

- An employee at Coulee Gas asked police for assistance in recognizing a man on security tape that had left $80 in an ATM machine. Police didn’t know the man but knew where he lived and were attempting to locate him.

- Police observed a man at Four Corners wanted on a warrant for his arrest. When confronted, the Coulee Dam man ran away, and they are asking the prosecutor’s office to add charges of escape, eluding police, and resisting arrest.

3/9 - Police called for an ambulance to treat cuts on the hands of an Electric City man who had rolled his Toyota pickup between milepost 18 and 19 on SR-174.

- A woman on A Street reported a suspicious man peering inside a house nearby. The man told police that he was securing the house that had belonged to his deceased father. The neighbor who reported the incident knew the man and apologized for calling the police.

- A woman told police that her daughter had taken her car without permission and reported where her daughter was. The officer confronted the daughter, who stated that she had been nervous and ditched the car between Delano and Grand Coulee. She was cited for taking a motor vehicle without permission and being in possession of stolen property. She was taken to Grant County jail.

- A dog bit a young girl on Weil Place, and the owner of the dog was told to get it licensed immediately. The dog, a pit bull, could be determined to be a “potentially dangerous dog” when the report reached the city council. The mother of the child was advised to see that the girl received treatment for the bite.

3/10 - A man on Third Street in Electric City told police that he interrupted a man prowling through his car. He said the man was wearing dark clothing and a backpack. He said the prowler ran out through the yard. Police found the backpack and several items inside. The only thing taken had been a jar of change, which was returned to the resident.

- A woman at a Crest Avenue apartment in Electric City was arrested on a warrant out of Wenatchee and taken to Grant County jail. Police had gone to the apartment on a report of a domestic issue.

3/11 - A man was arrested at Crest Avenue for violation of a no-contact court order.

Coulee Dam


2/26 - A Central Drive man reported a break-in. When the officer arrived he found that the complaint was really about a neighbor that made noise when he started his car at 6 a.m. in the morning. The man who made the complaint was told that if he ever called in a false report again he would be arrested.

- The Credit Union advised police that it had found a phony $20 bill. Police stated that they would pass the bill on to the Secret Service.

- While walking through the Coulee Dam Casino, an officer noticed a man known to be wanted on a warrant playing a slot machine. While searching the man, the officer found several items relating to a controlled substance. The man was taken to jail on the warrant, and the drug items were sent to the state crime lab.

3/4 - Police picked up two dogs running loose after getting a complaint from a man on Stevens Avenue. The dogs were taken to the tribal pound.

- A man reported that he saw a person with a wheelbarrow load of wood near Camas Street. Police noted that there was fresh wood behind a vacated residence on Camas Street, where several people had already been banned from the house.

3/5 - Police checked on the welfare of a woman on Holly Street and found that she was OK. The officer informed the person requesting the check that all was well.

- Police were informed that an unknown person was taking pictures of kids playing in the park near the credit union. When police arrived, the vehicle took off.

3/7 - A man’s cat ran up a neighbor’s tree, but when he tried to retrieve it from the Camas Street tree the neighbor ordered him off the property. The officer tried to get a tribal response but was told they only assist with dogs. The cat owner was advised not to go on the neighbor’s property. It was left to the cat to get itself down.

3/9 - A driver was stopped for expired tabs and the officer discovered that he was wanted on an arrest warrant. In addition to a free ride to jail, the man was cited for driving with a suspended license and not having ID on his person.

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