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Reader enjoys paper, but not one-sided cartoons


We are renewing our subscription to The Star newspaper. We have enjoyed reading many of the articles and like seeing the news about the people and the area which has become our home. We do not enjoy your one-sided political cartoons. I believe everyone is aware that our political scene never will be perfect. You, however, seem to find only one side of the equation to be worthy of ridicule. I have friends who have discontinued their subscription to The Star because they have become irritated with your incessant one-sided perspective. Editorial pages, as with good reporting, should present both sides of issues.

I hope you understand our frustration with this editorial portion of The Star, and we hope to see changes in the future to give us a fair look at our political scene, offering us some balance from both sides of our political spectrum. If you are trying to persuade us to come to your side of the political agenda, it’s not working, as we are cringing at yet another one-sided political cartoon.

Joan Guptill

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