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1/4- A Burdin Boulevard man was ticketed after being stopped for expired tabs. While telling the driver why he was stopped on the tabs issue, the officer noted that an infant was improperly restrained in the front seat. That was added to the citation, and the man moved the infant to the back and fixed the restraint properly.

- A woman told police that she had purchased something from the deli counter at Safeway and received $40 change and placed it her wallet. Later, she discovered her wallet missing and contacted Safeway, whose representative said the wallet had been found and would be waiting for her. When she picked up her wallet, the $40 was missing. Police have requested the security tapes to see if it can be learned who might have taken the money.

- A Roosevelt Drive man was stopped for outdated tabs and was cited for that and for not having insurance.

- Police were looking for a wanted felon from Nespelem after he eluded them and then vanished into the Spring Canyon Apartments. A woman identified the man and is being charged with allowing an unauthorized man to drive her vehicle and making false statements to police. She was released and advised to notify police if she got in contact with the man. The man is being charged with attempting to elude police, third-degree escape, obstructing a law enforcement officer, driving with a suspended license, and an ignition interlock violation.

- Police issued a citation to a man known to have expired tabs and driver’s license after stopping him at Coulee Gas. A licensed driver took charge of the vehicle.

1/5 - An officer assisted Coulee Dam police who were pursuing a noise complaint on Camas Street. A man was standing outside videotaping the Coulee Dam officer and yelling that he hadn’t done anything wrong. The man was given a warning by police.

- Police stopped a local woman after noticing that her tabs had expired. She was cited for not having a license, operating a vehicle without insurance and for failing to renew the vehicle registration.

1/6 - Police responded to an intoxicated female lying down in the backseat of a vehicle on Coulee Boulevard East. Dispatch had asked police to check on a 911 hang-up call. The woman had vomited all over herself and was incoherent. An ambulance was called to take her to the hospital.

1/8 - Tribal police asked for assistance with a combative person being taken to the hospital. When an officer arrived to assist, he was told it wasn’t worth the chance of injury to try to remove the person from the patrol car.

- A Hill Avenue woman was stopped because of a side headlamp being out and was cited for driving with a suspended license, no insurance and for the headlamp problem.

- A Moses Lake towing firm picked up a vehicle that had been tagged for removal since September on Hill Avenue. A woman came out to say it was hers and that a vehicle didn’t need to have valid registration if it was broken down. The officer advised her she was wrong and would have to make arrangement with the towing company to retrieve her car.

- A person living at Lakeview Boulevard NE reported to police that someone was in her attic. Police checked but couldn’t find anyone.

1/9 - An officer saw a person wanted on a warrant enter a house on Weil Place. The officer went to the door, took the person into custody and drove him to Grant County jail.

1/10 - A former Electric City resident who had moved to Wyoming told police that a number of U.S. Treasury checks mailed to him here apparently had been cashed by someone. Later he called back and said the checks had been deposited to his account by electronic fund transfer and that there was no problem.

- Police checked on a report of two loose dogs on Hillcrest in Electric City. An officer could not locate the dogs.

1/11 - An employee at the Eagles Lodge told police that she had accidentally set off her vehicle alarm from inside the building. The vehicle’s alarm was sounding and its lights were flashing.

1/12 - A logging truck that parked near Coulee Hardware struck a car while pulling out. An officer learned of this and asked a Grant County sheriff deputy to watch for the truck. The driver said he wasn’t aware that he had nicked the car when he pulled out. Insurance information was obtained.

1/13 - A passing motorist helped remove a fallen tree on SR-174 at milepost 28.

1/14 - Police cited a homeowner on West Grand Avenue in Electric City after repeated complaints of a barking dog.

1/15 - Police arrested two individuals wanted on warrants after stopping a vehicle with expired tabs. Both were taken to Grant County jail. The driver was cited for the expired registration, having neither insurance nor an operator’s license. A licensed driver took charge of the vehicle.

- An officer returning from a run to the jail came upon a rock slide at milepost 12 on SR-155. Rocks as large as basketballs were on the roadway. The officer directed traffic until a Department of Transportation plow eventually cleared the debris from the road.

- A woman on East Grand Coulee Avenue reported three suspicious persons skipping along the road and talking to themselves. The officer couldn’t find anyone.

Coulee Dam

1/8 - A residence alarm on Cedar Street was triggered when a sister of the homeowner entered the house and didn’t have the code to deactivate the alarm.

- An officer noticed a man walking on Sixth Street as a person wanted on a warrant. The man was detained and taken to Okanogan County jail.

1/9 - A homeowner on Camas Street asked police to remove two people from his home. Police advised the pair that they were banned from the place and that if they returned, they would be arrested.

- A man who fell out of a vehicle was taken to Coulee Medical Center. At first he gave police problems, but went along voluntarily when his brother agreed to ride with him.

- A man was banned from school property after police received a complaint from school officials.

- A couple of cars were prowled in the high school parking lot, according to police. Officials had as description of the person thought responsible.

1/10 - A student who had hit another vehicle with his left the scene and then returned to make a report. He was advised by police that he shouldn’t leave the scene of an accident. The two parties worked out the report.

1/11 - A vehicle slid into a patrol car at the corner of Columbia Avenue and Roosevelt Way. An officer from Grand Coulee came to take charge of the accident report.

- A commercial truck driver left his trailer in the Green Field parking lot after it had slid and the impact damaged a tire.

- A driver was stopped on Columbia Avenue because of expired tabs. The officer learned that the driver was driving with a suspended license and didn’t have an ignition device. A second citation was given for not having insurance and expired registration.

- A man was arrested on Columbia Avenue for violating a no-contact order. He had come to the address to retrieve a vehicle given to him. The officer who arrested him was the same officer who served the original papers on him. He was taken to Okanogan County jail.

1/12 - Police check on a report of an open door at a River Drive address and found there was no such address. The officer checked on other doors and didn’t find any of them open.

- A man on Holly Street said he observed a young boy mistreat a puppy by kicking it and then choking it. Police advised the parents, and they said they would talk with the boy.

1/13 - An officer walking through the Coulee Dam Casino observed a woman known to be wanted on a warrant for her arrest. He asked her to go outside, where he confirmed the warrant, arrested her and drove her to the summit at Disautel Pass, where another officer picked her up and took her to the Okanogan County jail. The officer returned to the casino, where he was given a small black purse that had belonged to the woman and was moved to another machine area when the officer contacted her. The small zippered purse contained gauze, a needle, an improvised pipe and a small zip-lock bag containing two small, clear rocks. The material is being sent to the Washington State Patrol Crime Lab.

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