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11/26 - A motel owner showed police damage to one of his rooms where he said the tenant had taken things off the walls and removed covers on various items.

11/27 - About a cord-and-a-half of firewood was stolen from a property on Sunny Drive in Electric City. Police had no suspects.

- A Coulee Dam resident was taken to Okanogan County jail after allegedly threatening officers and disrupting services at Coulee Medical Center.

11/28 - An officer backed up a Grant County sheriff’s deputy handling a domestic issue in Hartline.

- An Alcan Road woman reported to police that a “large brown dog” attacked her and bit her while she was walking near Banks and Jones Streets. The officer noted that the woman had a puncture wound on her lower back.

11/29 - An officer had to put a deer down that apparently had been struck by a vehicle near milepost 25 on SR-155.

- A driver was cited for not renewing her license tabs after being stopped near Four Corners.

11/30 - An officer checked on motion sensors that had been activated at Flo’s Cafe but couldn’t find anything wrong in the vicinity.

- A school bus driver reported that a vehicle in front of him was driving peculiarly. Police went to the site, but the vehicle was gone.

- A woman on A Street told police that she had found a brown and grey dog. Police took the dog, which didn’t have any form of identification, to the vet clinic.

12/1 - A man wanted on two arrest warrants was seen on Midway Avenue, arrested and taken to Grant County jail.

- A man who violated a court protection order was arrested after he visited a home on Crest Avenue East in Electric City. He was taken to Grant County jail.

12/2 - A 25-year-old Grand Coulee man was stopped in Electric City for a faulty headlamp and cited for that and for driving while his license was suspended.

- The city crew was advised that a traffic sign on Martin Road had been broken off.

- A driver, who exceeded the speed limit on SR-155 by 13 mph, was cited.

12/3 - A woman left her car on Spokane Boulevard Northeast and ran away, she told police, because she was a afraid of a man who was in the area. Police looked for the man but couldn’t find him.

- A woman on Prims Place admitted that two dogs the officer found running loose were hers. She was warned about the loose dogs.

- A man owning a barking dog on West Grand Avenue in Electric City was cited by police. The barking dog had been an ongoing problem at that site.

12/4 - Police stopped a vehicle on Midway Avenue because they knew that the owner had a suspended license. The driver was cited for driving with a suspended license and for not having insurance. The driver was told to leave the vehicle parked until a licensed driver could be found.

- A man on Roosevelt Drive told police that, at sometime and someplace in the Grand Coulee area, someone had left a paint transfer on his vehicle. He said he didn’t know it had happened until a friend pointed it out to him.

- A woman tried to duck down and hide in a truck when she saw an officer drive up nearby. The officer recognized the woman, who was wanted on a Department of Corrections warrant. She was taken to Grant County jail.

- A woman who resides on Main Street was reported as missing. A friend stated that she had communicated on Facebook.

Coulee Dam


11/25 - A driver whose headlamp was burned out was stopped near the fire department, and the officer learned that he didn’t have a driver’s license. He was cited and a licensed driver came to take charge of the vehicle.

11/27 - A man who had been barred from Harvest Foods had entered the store and, after being ordered to leave, allegedly pulled a knife on an employee. He left on foot, and later police found the man, arrested him, confiscated a knife, and took him to Okanogan County jail.

- A boy wanted on a juvenile warrant was taken from Lake Roosevelt High School to the Okanogan County Juvenile facility.

- A man was banned from the Columbia River Inn after hanging around the property. He was also banned from the Credit Union after complaints that he was coming in for coffee and suckers.

11/29 - A 3-year-old accidentally dialed 911 from a home on Tilmus. An officer checked on the call and the child’s father explained the incident.

11/30 - A woman was stopped on Elmer City Access Road because the rear lights on her vehicle were out. The officer found that she was driving with a suspended license. She was cited and a licensed driver was sought.

12/1 - An officer doing a walkthrough of the Coulee Dam Casino saw a woman known to be wanted on a felony warrant. She was asked to go outside with the officer and, according to the report, the woman asked if the officer could pretend he hadn’t seen her. She was arrested on the warrant and taken to Okanogan County jail.

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