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By Jesse Utz 

Passion and belief


I recently had to write a recommendation letter for a young man in our community that has been nominated for an award. Part of the criteria was to write about his “Passion and Belief.” That got me thinking. What would others say about my passion and my belief, and do I see passion and belief in others? I know, deep question with deeper thoughts, but I dove in anyway, partly for James Pakootas and partly for myself.

What do others see as my passion? Well, that used to be firefighting and emergency services. I still have those in my DNA, but they lie beneath the surface now. I critique what I see and hear looking through the fire-engine-red-colored optics. I am still friends with my brothers and sisters of the badge but I no longer walk the walk they walk. I watch from afar and support where I can. I know their job. I know the policies and procedures and stress they return home with after a run or call. But my passion no longer hangs on a plume of smoke or a tone right before it goes off on a radio or pager.

They probably also used to see a passion in sports. Football, basketball, baseball, wrestling and anything else sports related, but I burned out on that a long time ago. I still love high school sports and the development of a young lady or man through a sport of choice. Watching them conquer fears and failures to become a leader or contributor to a team or as an individual. Their stories inspire me. Not what they do on the court or field, but the things they overcame to even get there. Especially in this day and age when some are told they will never be able to do that and they beat the words layered upon them and win anyway.

Then we move to beliefs. Since I have been boldly writing my beliefs in this column for a while now, I don’t believe there is any mistake of what I believe as truth spiritually. But do people see it every day? I hope so, but I also know I am not perfect on this walk. I am still learning about my God and what He wants me to do and how He wants me to navigate through the world. Hopefully every day I am getting a little bit closer to that.

Passion and belief. What am I passionate about and do my beliefs reflect that? I am passionate about Jehovah Rafa. Our healer. I have seen Him work His miracles and continue to do so. I have seen it in the Healing Rooms in Spokane and here locally. I learned something special that I think it is important to share with you today as you read this. Belief is a powerful thing. First you must believe in what happened 2,000 years ago. If you don’t, well, then you can stop reading now. If you do, then you must walk in that belief daily. As a friend recently reminded me, “You must pick up your cross daily with a joy in your heart.” Trust every word written in the ancient text and walk in that word with passion and belief. Just because someone puts a label on you does not mean it is true. Walk in healing; know you are healed. We are not meant to be a beaten down, suppressed and defeated creation. We are to walk in authority and might. Walk in the Light and not in the darkness. That is where my passion lies and it is intertwined with belief in the truth. Where does yours lie? What do you believe? And what are you showing others daily on your journey?

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