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10/14 - A man who resides in the King’s Court Trailer park told police that a person who also resides there threatened to beat him up. Police advised the man to get a protection order through the courts.

- Police checked on a report that a woman outside a Federal Avenue apartment was acting strangely. She was just outside smoking a cigarette.

10/15 - Police checked on a report of a man reported as suicidal on Ronald Drive. He told police he just took some pills and a shot of vodka because he had some teeth pulled. A few hours later, police were called to the residence again where the man reportedly had broken a mirror in the bedroom. He was arrested on a charge of malicious mischief and taken to Grant County jail.

- An attempt to gain access to coin boxes at Coulee Playland was reported to police.

- A man from Electric Boulevard in Electric City is being charged with third-degree assault for allegedly shooting his brother with a bb gun. He is also being charged with malicious mischief for shooting out the window in his brother’s car.

10/16 - Police returned to a Hill Avenue apartment where a man and a woman who had been living together were having trouble deciding what property belonged to whom. The man had taken a TV that was given to them by his father; the woman had dumped the man’s clothes into the dumpster and disposed of his marijuana pipe collection. The two had a child together and police encouraged the two to get a parenting plan together. Police asked for the two to write out what went on so it could be determined if a violation had occurred.

- A person complained of a barking dog on Roosevelt Drive. The officer couldn’t hear a barking dog; however, there had been two complaints earlier on a black-and-white shepherd mix and he was going to see if the dog had been licensed.

- Two sisters got into it over a rent question, and with police help the two agreed to stay apart and not continue their arguments. The officer provided the two with New Hope packets and told them to call if there were any more arguments.

10/17 - Coulee Medical Center contacted police to state that a patient had left the premises with an IV still attached to his arm. Police looked for the man but couldn’t locate him.

- A person on Bowen Street reported that someone had stolen an iPad while at another location. The loss was listed at over $500.

- An abandoned vehicle partially blocking the road at Spokane Boulevard and SR-155 was towed away.

10/18 - Police responded to a loose dog call on Boulder Avenue NE. The report stated that a “boxer” was running loose. No dog was found.

10/19 - A man reported that he had struck a deer within the city limits of Electric City. Damage to his vehicle was estimated at $2,000. The vehicle had to be towed.

- A man on Gerard Street in Electric City told police that a dog keeps trying to bite him when he rides his bike. He said the dog’s owner told him he “doesn’t want to deal with it.”

- A clerk at Safeway told police he saw a woman take a full cart of groceries out to her vehicle without paying for them. He said the vehicle, which also had a man inside, turned and went up Main Street. Police were unable to locate the thieves.

10/20 - A vehicle was stopped near milepost 27 on SR-155 because of a brake light problem and the officer found the driver had a suspended license. He was cited, and told to get a licensed driver.

- Police spotted a man known to be wanted on a warrant for his arrest. He was taken to Grant County jail on the warrant.

10/21 - A woman at Skydeck Motel told police that her car was missing. She said that she didn’t want to report it stolen because it might get the man suspected of having the car in trouble.

- A vehicle was stopped for a faulty brake light and the officer found that the driver didn’t have a valid license. The driver, who was at Coulee Boulevard East in Electric City was cited for having no valid operator’s license, the faulty brake light and a defective license plate light.

10/22 - Police stopped a vehicle with tags that expired in April 2016. The driver was cited for driving with a suspended license, the expired tabs and not having insurance.

- Barking dogs on Federal Avenue got the attention of police. The owner of three of the dogs, who said he was visiting to help repair his son’s vehicle, told the officer he would be leaving. He stated that his dogs were barking because of a loose dog that was also barking.

- Police helped an intoxicated man in Electric City who was found lying in an alley. He was driven to his sister’s place. He previously had been at a treatment location in Keller.

- A driver was stopped near Riley Point because her tabs had expired in April 2017. The officer found that she had a suspended license. She explained that she only drove on the reservation. She was cited for the tab problem and for driving with a suspended license.

- A man outside the Coulee Dam Casino was arrested on a warrant, and officers found evidence of a controlled substance on his person. The man told the officer that he had eight earlier felony counts. He was taken to Okanogan County jail.

- Police responded to a call about a fight between a man and woman at Jones and Dill streets in Grand Coulee. A man said it had been just an argument, but the officer noticed scratches on the man’s neck. Later, the woman involved was found, arrested on a felony warrant and taken to Okanogan County jail.

- An officer responded to a call of a suspicious person in the Coulee Dam Casino. When he arrived he was informed that the man now was standing in front of Harvest Foods. The officer contacted the person just as a tribal officer arrived and took the man to the Okanogan County jail on a felony warrant.

- An intoxicated man found and awakened in an alley off Burdin Boulevard said he was OK.

Coulee Dam

10/12 - Dispatch informed police that a suspicious person was seen running in the area of Roosevelt Way and Columbia Avenue carrying a large bag. Units searched for the party but couldn’t locate him.

- A driver was stopped because he was driving without his lights on. The officer learned that the man’s license was suspended and that he had a non-extraditable warrant out of Spokane County. He was cited and the car parked.

10/16 - Police were asked to advise a woman at the Coulee Dam Casino that her husband was being moved from Coulee Medical Center to Spokane for treatment.

10/19 - A woman on Douglas Avenue reported that someone had taken a 50-foot extension cord from her garage. She estimated a replacement would cost between $50 and $75.

10/20 - Police checked on a reported burglary at a vacant house on Fir Street. The officer noted that two doors at the back of the house were open. He announced his presence and said, “Police, come out with your hands up.” No one was there.

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