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Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

By Jesse Utz 

Crosswalkers and other stuff


I do believe it is still a law to stop for people in crosswalks. On Monday morning I stopped for a couple that was standing in a crosswalk in Coulee Dam. They started to cross when the truck behind me gunned the gas to go around me. He sped by right in front of the crossing pedestrians. It was almost a disaster right before me, all because of impatience. I almost followed the truck, found out where it was going and wrote down the license plate. But I did not. I did not confront the person that almost hit two people crossing the road. I did recognize the truck; I am pretty sure I know who was driving it, and by the direction it went, I am pretty sure where it was going, too. Just remember, citizens of Gotham, uh, I mean Coulee Country: we are supposed to stop for people in crosswalks. It is the law. Being late to work is no excuse for recklessness.

Modern firearm hunting season opened over the weekend and I got to spend a few precious hours with an awesome young man. We did not see anything we could harvest but it is not about the hunt. It is about the time spent talking about life, values and navigating the rough waters of the world. Those are moments that are priceless, and I would not trade for anything. A chance to speak truth into a life that is struggling to understand the complexities that unravel every day around us: these are moments to cherish and place the utmost value upon. There will be many other chances to hunt a buck and fill the freezer, but those truck-time moments I will never trade. Maybe except for a Husky kicker!

Speaking of that, both Huskies and Cougars lost this weekend, bringing to a close the dreams of an undefeated Apple Cup this season. That comes after ESPN badmouthed the Pac-12, calling them “cream-puff teams,” I believe was the term, referring to both teams’ schedules. But guess what? I believe both will recover; this week was a fluke and they both will climb back into the thick of things.

Wes “Dawg” Davidson and his family were back in town this weekend. He led worship at Faith Community Church on Sunday. Wes has such an anointing on him and, like Pastor Steve said, sometimes we just have to sit back and watch, beaming like proud parents at the awesome man he has become. He is led by the Holy Spirit; the sounds that come from him and the rest of the team were heavenly and remind us that we are blessed in our little towns to have such talented warriors of worship surrounding us every day. Thanks for the refreshing and filling of our cups. Thanks for letting God use you. That goes to the whole worship team that ushers in the spirit every week.

There are those out there who are hurting, confused and lost. It is up to us, as believers, to find them and show them what the Father’s love looks like. Whether that’s letting someone cross in a crosswalk, riding down a dusty road, cheering for your favorite team or listening to God speak through a song. We must represent what we were called to be: loving neighbors, family and friends.

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