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10/9 - A Bowen Street resident reported that sometime during the night a prowler entered their vehicle and took several items.

10/10 - An officer assisted Coulee Dam on a domestic call with a couple arguing about their children. The officer explained that the mother couldn’t just take the children without a court order. The woman’s parents said they would stay with them for the night.

- A woman residing at Partello Parkway was arrested on a domestic violence charge and taken to Grant County jail after an argument with her live-in boyfriend.

- Police responded to an alarm on Sunny Drive in Electric City but found that the premises were secure.

- Police were alerted by Lincoln County to be on the lookout for a stolen vehicle. Later, police found the vehicle abandoned behind a service station on SR-174 in Grand Coulee.

- Officers responded to A Street, where a woman reportedly had indicated she planned to harm herself. Police found that she had scratched her wrists. She refused to voluntarily go to Coulee Medical Center for evaluation and to be seen by a mental health person, so officers took her there. After consulting by phone with a mental health officer, it was determined that she could return home.

- A Washington Place resident in Electric City reported that someone had prowled her car during the night and taken about $160 in cash and some minor items.

- A man reported that a dog was running loose in the King’s Court RV Park. The owner of the dog said the animal was not running loose. The person who reported the dog being loose told the officer that the dog’s owner said he would run him over if he ever stepped foot on his park space.

10/11 - The man in King’s Court RV Park who reported the loose dog the day before was arrested after allegedly pointing a rifle at the dog’s owner. He was taken to Grant County jail on a charge of felony harassment.

- Police checked on a television dispute at a Hill Avenue apartment. A woman had kicked her boyfriend out of the apartment and he had loaded the TV into his car, but the woman removed it and took it back inside the apartment, then locked the door. She claimed that the TV had been given to her. The man stated that he might just let her keep it.

- Police advised a Martin Road resident that an argument over a set of wheels might be a civil matter and that the police couldn’t help resolve the argument.

10/12 - Police found an alarm at North Cascades Bank was a false alarm.

- A deer with a broken leg that had been struck by a vehicle on Fortuyn Road had to be killed by an officer.

10/13 - A man wanted on a warrant for escaping community custody was arrested and found to have a controlled substance on him. He was taken to jail and a charge was added for the controlled substance.

- A party reported hearing an explosion in the Hill Avenue area. Police went to the area and two people told the officers that they thought it came from the Burdin Boulevard area. Officers drove around and couldn’t find any evidence of an explosion.

- A Coulee Dam woman told police that her car had been taken in Cheney and she had learned that it was parked at the Grand Coulee Library.

Coulee Dam

10/6 - Requested to check on the welfare of a man on Camas Street, police found that he was OK. The man wanted another man who had been staying with him over a year removed, but police stated he would have to go through the eviction process. The unwanted man was checked and found to actually be wanted on an arrest warrant, but the jail wasn’t taking prisoners at that time.

10/8 - Police received word that there had been a vehicle prowl on Civic Way.

- Investigation of a one-car accident on Columbia Avenue indicated that the driver had over-corrected his turn, jumped the curb and run into a tree. Two occupants who complained of pain were taken to the hospital, and the vehicle had to be towed.

10/9 - A property check of a garage on Columbia Avenue showed that a door had remained open. Police stated that a contractor had been working to repair damage caused by a fire some time ago.

- A man who violated a protection order with his father was arrested and later taken to Okanogan County jail. While searching the subject, the officer found indication of a controlled substance and three credit cards belonging to his father.

10/10 - A couple who had divorced and didn’t have a parenting plan in place had argued about the woman picking up her two children. She had been drinking, and police encouraged her to delay the conversation until in the morning so she would be sober.

- Several vehicles in the Yucca Street area were prowled overnight. Change, CDs and other items were taken. The vehicles were not locked.

10/12 - A driver going across the Coulee Dam bridge without lights was stopped, and the officer found that his license was suspended. He was cited and the car parked while a licensed driver took control.


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