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By Jesse Utz 

"Play it again, Sam"


Sometimes a phrase in a movie becomes more popular than the actual flick. The words spoken can mean things to one person that fly completely over the head of another.

We use these sayings or movie quotes on a day-to-day basis and they become part of the culture and bring back memories of a time in our lives when going to the movies was a rite of passage, a sign of growing up, a sign of hope. Or it is just plain fun.

Here are some of my favorite movie quotes that I use from time to time without even realizing it.

Maybe one of the most used and remembered movie quotes of all time is from the famous movie from 1939 “Gone with the Wind.” And I am willing to bet a lot of you just said it before even reading it: “Frankly, my dear,” is how it starts, and it ends with five words that have been uttered a billion and one times since. It was pretty racy in that timeframe to utter swear words in public. In today’s day and age we may not even consider the word “damn” as being that bad compared to others out there, but in the ’30s it was considered saloon talk; but in the movie, that was precisely the point.

In 1972, the Godfather was released and the movie quote started echoing in classrooms, homes and parks immediately. “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse” has been used in several movies, board rooms, negotiations and deals ever since.

“I’ve got a feeling we aren’t in Kansas anymore, Toto,” is a movie quote that does not go away. Mostly because that movie is played every year during the holidays multiple times and because the Wizard of Oz is filled with one liners and great quotes that are used daily if we listen. “If I only had a brain,” “Follow the yellow brick road,” and “I’ll get you my pretty ... and your li’l dog too.” All have found their way into my vocabulary and, if used on the right occasion, still bring laughter to all our hearts. It probably helps that I was the world’s tallest munchkin when I was in the Planet Earth Players’ rendition of that classic play.

“May the Force be with you,” from Star Wars, is the most fun. Especially on the fourth of May every year, when we reword it and greet each other with, “May the fourth be with you.” We also use it during a test, doing something difficult or just to be funny with friends. Star Wars is packed full of great quotes, but this one hands down had made it into our society as a common phrase.

“You’re gonna need a bigger boat,” “You can’t handle the truth,” “I see dead people,” and “I’ll be back” are all favorite quotes that resonate and bounce around in our daily vocabulary, and can be heard on other shows and in news quotes and within our own special speech.

But those are the ones we know. Sometimes an off-the-wall movie quote can mean a little more to us or become a family favorite without even trying. In my house, when you ask for a spoon, the proper response is, “Why a spoon, cousin?” And the proper answer is, “Because it hurts more, you twit.” A line from Robin Hood, not a famous, well-known quote, but it is in my house. What famous movie quotes are famous in your neighborhood of moviegoers?

Really, it is just plain fun to quote a movie line and then try and figure out where it came from. I challenge you all to investigate your daily language and find movie quotes. And when someone says, “It was beauty that killed the beast,” you will know they are not talking Disney; they are talking King Kong.

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