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9/2 - A hospital employee reported that a strange man was wandering around the lobby area and sleeping on the chairs. An officer learned that the man was visiting his mother in the hospital.

9/3 - A woman on Fifth Street in Electric City told police that her ex-husband had taken her car. Police noted that the car she said was taken was still in the driveway. Since the woman was confused the officer stated in his report that he planned to contact the woman’s family.

- USBR Plant Protection reported that a man who seemed disoriented and who had beer cans inside in his car was heading toward Grand Coulee. Police contacted the driver, from Maple Valley, at Coulee Gas. His license was suspended and he was supposed to have an ignition interlock in place. He was arrested and taken to Grant County jail, and his vehicle was impounded.

- Police assisted a driver who hit a deer near the 500kV switchyard. The officer pulled her fender free from the wheel so she could drive.

- A person on Pleasant Valley Road reported that a wanted woman had been on his property taking refuge in a small outbuilding. She was wanted on a warrant by the Department of Corrections. A backpack left behind contained what police thought was crystal meth. Police are still looking for the woman.

- An Electric City woman reported seeing a woman wanted on an arrest warrant walking on Jackson Avenue. She was gone when police arrived.

- Police stopped a vehicle on a child-seat violation and found a wanted man in the back seat. He was ordered out of the car, but he refused until the officer pulled his taser out of its holster. The suspect was taken to Grant County jail on the warrant. The driver received a warning on the child-seat violation.

- A caller told police that the gas cap on a pickup was ajar. The owner of the pickup said it was the second time it had happened and that he didn’t think any gas had been taken.

9/4 - A vehicle blocking the alley on F Street was towed so traffic could move through the alley.

- A man on Dill Avenue reported that someone had taken gas from his truck, but he wasn’t sure how much.

- A woman told police that a woman wanted on a warrant was seen between Harvest Foods and the Coulee Dam Casino.

- A domestic issue came up a Dill Avenue apartment. A man there said he wanted his wife to quit sleeping all day and attend to the baby. That started an argument, and the woman ended up tossing some of his clothes outside.

9/5 - Even the dogs like him. Patrolman Tom Johnson was called to the Jackson Avenue-Crest Street area in Electric City on a complaint that a dog was running loose. After getting a description, Johnson realized he knew the dog. He found the brindle pit bull, opened the back door of his car and told Rex (the dog) to get in. He did, and was promptly returned to his owner.

- A man complained that the manager of the apartments where he lives on Federal Avenue let his dog out and it attacked his dog. The manager’s dog is a large poodle mix and the other dog is a chihuahua. Both parties were advised to license their dogs and obey the city’s leash laws.

- A Jackson Avenue man in Electric City reported to police that someone had scammed him about his Social Security check. He said a woman had called to advise him that he was going to get an increase in his payment. He said he gave her all the information she requested.

- Police saw a man on Federal Avenue who was known to have two warrants out for his arrest. He was arrested, the warrants confirmed, and the man was taken to Grant County jail.

- A woman on East Grand Avenue in Electric City was informed by a neighbor that a man in a pickup had been following her daughter. She informed police.

9/6 - A man on Noble Road told police that he heard noise behind Center School. Police went to the back of the school and found that a door was ajar. Police searched the building and then secured the back door.

- A cat on Wenatchee Avenue NE was either tone deaf or not in the neighborhood. A woman called police to complain that a man kept calling for his cat for about an hour and it disturbed her. She wondered if there was something wrong with the man. Police went to his house and could see the man rocking in his chair with his back to them. He wouldn’t answer, so police left.

- A woman whose vehicle had a faulty tail light was stopped on Hillcrest in Electric City. She was cited for driving with a suspended license and having no insurance.

- Excitement on Federal Avenue attracted several emergency vehicles, including a fire truck. Police were advised by dispatch that a scrawny man without a shirt was waving a gun around. When police arrived, they were told that someone had shot a bb gun at several people at the site. They saw several people bent over in pain who reported that a woman had pepper sprayed them. Police called for an ambulance. Police talked with the woman, who lived nearby, who told them she was tired of getting her items stolen, so she entered the apartment and pepper sprayed several individuals. She later said the group started throwing rocks at her vehicle and hit her windshield. Emergency personnel treated the pepper spray victims. The police report stated that the entire incident was unclear and no one wanted to make an official statement, so no citations were issued.

- Police were informed that a man who claimed that he was owed $20, and who planned on beating up another man, is being charged with burglary and harassment. When the man learned that he might be beaten up, he left via the back door and went to another house for refuge and called 911. When police arrived, the front door had been kicked in and there was some damage inside. Police are asking that the two charges be levied against the alleged agressor.

Coulee Dam

8/27- A 23-year-old man who reportedly tried to gain access to a home on Cedar Street was arrested for trespass, then turned over to tribal police who had two warrants for his arrest. The Coulee Dam officer was assisted by an officer from Grand Coulee.

8/28 - A report of a burglary at a house on Camas Street was investigated. Police reported that someone must have entered through an unsecured garage door. Two lamps were reported missing, and someone had apparently slept in the house while the owner was away.

- An officer, with assistance from a tribal officer, checked on an apparent entry of a house that has been empty for a couple of years on Fir Street. No one was inside, and police will contact the owner to advise of the entry.

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