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8/28 - A Coulee Dam driver was issued a speeding ticket after being clocked at 68 mph in a 30-mph zone on SR-155. He told the officer he was hurrying to get to the emergency room before it was after hours so he could avoid paying a higher co-pay. The officer went to the hospital with him to see him sign in. Later, another driver told the officer that the same car had passed them at a high rate of speed. The driver will receive a citation in the mail for speeding.

- An Electric City couple and two grandchildren turned in to police money they found in their tree. They thought the money was part of an earlier case. Police told them that if no one claims the money within 60 days they can claim it.

8/29 - A tow company from Moses Lake towed away two cars that had 14-hour notices attached to them.

- An Electric City employee told police that a door had been kicked in on a building at the welding shop. Police reported that the building had been entered many times in the past. It was impossible to tell if anything was taken.

- Someone had stolen gas from an Electric City maintenance vehicle, and police found a couple of fingerprints on the gas cap.

- A Bowen Street man suspected of a burglary in Coulee Dam was stopped, and police found a warrant for his arrest. He was taken to Grant County jail on the warrant, but police stated there wasn’t enough evidence yet to cite him on the burglary.

- An Electric City woman attempted to send $600 cash inside a book to a party in Georgia, but the attempt was interrupted by a postal worker who knew she was responding to a scam. The money was eventually returned to her account, and the attempted scam reported to police.

8/31 - The Electric City Fire Department went to Osborne Bay in response to a report that someone had a fire at one of the campsites. The fire department put the campfire out due to a burn ban, and police advised the campers not to burn.

- Police were called by a Weil Place resident who stated that his bank account had been frozen due to a bad check that was given to him by his niece.

9/1 - Police are asking the prosecutor’s office to review charges of fourth-degree assault against an Elmer City woman, and fourth-degree assault, disorderly conduct and obstructing a police officer against a Grand Coulee man after a fight between two women at Hi Dam Tavern on Main Street. The man is being accused of throwing one of the women to the ground, injuring her, and the woman is being accused of kicking the other woman in the head.

- Police were asked to stand by as a woman who was being fired by the Bureau of Reclamation left the project. The report stated that the woman had made threats.

- Police were called to the Safeway parking lot, where a man and his son were arguing. Nothing physical occurred, according to the report.

- An officer assisted the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office on an alarm call at Chardonnie Lane, just outside Grand Coulee’s city boundary. The residence was searched, and when it was found to be OK the officer left.

9/2 - A Nespelem man, stopped near Four Corners for not have his lights on after dark, was found to have a suspended license. He was cited, and a licensed driver took charge of the vehicle.

- A man on East Grand Coulee Avenue told police that his neighbor had killed a four-point buck deer. He said he assumed the neighbor must have done so because the buck wasn’t around anymore. The officer asked the neighbor about the deer. The neighbor said he didn’t do anything to said deer and asked that the person complaining be banned from his property. The officer returned to give the man the news that he was banned.

- A man reported that a vehicle had backed into his at Crescent Bay. The man who hit the other vehicle admitted that he had been drinking. He was cited for being in control of a vehicle while under the influence.

9/2 - A hospital employee reported that a strange man was wandering around the lobby area and sleeping on the chairs. An officer learned that the man was visiting his mother in the hospital.

9/3 - A woman on Fifth Street in Electric City told police that her ex-husband had taken her car. Police noted that the car she said was taken was still in the driveway. Since the woman was confused the officer stated in his report that he planned to contact the woman’s family.

- USBR Plant Protection reported that a man who seemed disoriented and who had beer cans inside in his car was heading toward Grand Coulee. Police contacted the driver, from Maple Valley, at Coulee Gas. His license was suspended and he was supposed to have an ignition interlock in place. He was arrested and taken to Grant County jail, and his vehicle was impounded.

- Police assisted a driver who hit a deer near the 500kV switchyard. The officer pulled her fender free from the wheel so she could drive.

- A person on Pleasant Valley Road reported that a wanted woman had been on his property taking refuge in a small outbuilding. She was wanted on a warrant by the Department of Corrections. A backpack left behind contained what police thought was crystal meth. Police are still looking for the woman.

- An Electric City woman reported seeing a woman wanted on an arrest warrant walking on Jackson Avenue. She was gone when police arrived.

- Police stopped a vehicle on a child-seat violation and found a wanted man in the back seat. He was ordered out of the car, but he refused until the officer pulled his taser out of its holster. The suspect was taken to Grant County jail on the warrant. The driver received a warning on the child-seat violation.

- A caller told police that the gas cap on a pickup was ajar. The owner of the pickup said it was the second time it had happened and that he didn’t think any gas had been taken.

9/4 - A vehicle blocking the alley on F Street was towed so traffic could move through the alley.

- A man on Dill Avenue reported that someone had taken gas from his truck, but he wasn’t sure how much.

- A woman told police that a woman wanted on a warrant was seen between Harvest Foods and the Coulee Dam Casino.

- A domestic issue came up a Dill Avenue apartment. A man there said he wanted his wife to quit sleeping all day and attend to the baby. That started an argument, and the woman ended up tossing some of his clothes outside.

Coulee Dam Police

8/27- A 23-year-old man who reportedly tried to gain access to a home on Cedar Street was arrested for trespass, then turned over to tribal police who had two warrants for his arrest. The Coulee Dam officer was assisted by an officer from Grand Coulee.

8/28 - A report of a burglary at a house on Camas Street was investigated. Police reported that someone must have entered through an unsecured garage door. Two lamps were reported missing, and someone had apparently slept in the house while the owner was away.

- An officer, with assistance from a tribal officer, checked on an apparent entry of a house that has been empty for a couple of years on Fir Street. No one was inside, and police will contact the owner to advise of the entry.

- Police checked on a report of a suspicious person at a residence on Cedar Street.

- A woman who was seen loading a dead young deer into her vehicle was cited for driving with a suspended license. A Grand Coulee officer assisted local police on the incident. The deer was removed from the vehicle, placed on the grass, and the Department of Transportation advised.

8/29 - A man on Cedar Street was cited for several violations after being stopped the night before for the same violations. The citations were for having no rear cross view mirror, no insurance, no driver’s license on person, having an outdated registration, a defective windshield and not wearing a seatbelt.

8/31 - A Stevens Avenue resident called police to report that there was a car in his driveway. The officer learned that it was a neighbor who regularly parks in the man’s driveway when he is out of town.

- An officer responded to a domestic issue on Spruce Street. The officer found that a man was packing up to leave; his wife had already left. The man said nothing physical had occurred and that there was only a lot of yelling.

- Police checked on a report of a suspicious person near the credit union. Police talked with the individual but no action was taken.

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