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Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

By Jesse Utz 

A few things to dwell upon


The solar eclipse was fun. Well, as much fun as a large rock moving in front of a ball of fire can be. Some of the pictures out there were amazing, and of course some were faked, but Mr. Johnson, the science teacher from Lake Roosevelt, took some special pictures. He did all the research and calculations to capture the international space station in front of the solar eclipse. It is pretty cool. All Trekkies and Star Warriors, give me a high five.

The water on Banks Lake is receding and the shore birds are venturing out. A lot of blue heron have showed up this year and have their babies out fishing everywhere. Two surprises this year are an American bittern and some wood storks. I had not seen these on the lakes before. The pelicans on the Coulee City end are in direct competition with about 200 or more Canada geese for all the food on that end of the lake. That darn kingfisher is still avoiding me.

Things heard by students this year while shopping for school supplies:

- “We need to stock up on chocolate to bribe …”

- “Mom, I need a new phone for school this year.”

- “Mom, I don’t need a new coat; I am just going to stay home when the weather is bad.”

- Little sister to big sister while trying on clothes: “Too much skin; you will end up in kid jail dressing like that.”

- “Mom, you don’t need to buy a lunch box this year; I am going to eat pizza every day.”

My prayers go out to Texas this week. They have been pounded fast and furious by Harvey, and it is not done. Rainfall has set records for the most ever rain dropped by a storm. Unfortunately, I am sure the death tolls will go up as it becomes safe to go search. I cannot imagine having your streets turn to rivers overnight.

I have been meeting weekly with a group of friends for over two years. A lot of prayer has been done over time for the communities that we live in. But recently a new stirring has been in our hearts. So I am calling on all prayer warriors out there. Pray. For your neighbor, your community, your local government and the entire area. Changes will be made through faithful prayer.


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