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8/8 - A man told police that someone had attempted to break into his apartment on Continental Heights. Officers could not find evidence to support the claim.

8/9 - Police noticed activity at a house on West Grand Coulee Avenue and talked with a man who used to live there. He said the place was under foreclosure but it was still in his name and he had returned to get some tools in the garage.

- USBR Plant Protection was concerned about a person on a bicycle taking pictures of the dam. He told police that he was a photojournalist and that he would be in the area for a couple of days. Police told the man the areas that were off limits.

- A wallet was found on Midway Avenue, along with a baggie of what appeared to be a controlled substance. The man whose name was in the wallet was advised that he could pick it up at the police station. He stated the wallet was not his, even though it had his identification inside, and he said the baggie also was not his. The report is being sent to the prosecutor’s office for possible action.

- A man on Martin Road was served a temporary order of protection by police.

- USBR Plant Protection advised police that a boat had wandered into a closed area on the Columbia River up toward the dam from the bridge. After police were able to communicate with those in the boat, the occupants were told where the boundary was. The occupants told police that they looked for signs but didn’t see any.

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8/5 - Police responded to a reported domestic dispute at Lincoln Avenue. A woman there said she and her boyfriend had been in an argument, verbal only.

- An officer responded to a loitering complaint at Columbia River Inn and cleared the complaint.

8/7 - A woman leaving her driveway in her minivan struck a trailer parked nearby. The trailer rolled for 72 feet and ended up in a yard on Camas Street. The owner of the van and owner of the trailer agreed to handle the problem between them, according to the police report.

- Police offered assistance to tribal officers investigating a youth who had walked away from his guardian at a residence on Central Drive. No assistance was required.

8/8 - An officer observed a man known to be wanted on a felony warrant for his arrest for second-degree burglary and possession of stolen goods. He was confronted on Midway Avenue, arrested, and taken to Grant County jail.

8/10 - Police checked on a domestic dispute on Camas Street where two men had been arguing. The officer learned that one of the men, who had left the residence, was wanted on a felony and misdemeanor warrant. Police are looking for him.

8/11 - Police assisted a driver who had a flat tire near the football field and whose jack was broken. The officer let the man use his jack to replace the tire.

8/12 - Police checked on a burglary complaint at a residence on Camas Street.

8/13 - An officer responded to a domestic dispute on Camas Street.

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