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Magnificent dam is missing an important piece


Grand Coulee, Washington. What a beautiful place to call home. I had never heard of this small town before I relocated here two years ago. Since I’ve been here I have seen so many beautiful sights, but nothing has compared to the creation built, and the reason this town even exists, called the Grand Coulee Dam. I’m not sure why I had never heard of this incredible accomplishment and entity that has had such a profound effect on our country and the backbone to us winning a war, but if you haven’t watched videos or read up on its history, then you’re really missing out.

I have the opportunity to walk the beautiful view surrounding this dam each day. I watch as many visitors, who have traveled far just to see her, look in awe and appreciation for what she represents. I am humbled at my fortune to have this in my backyard. A lot went into this structure coming to life, which brings me to this letter’s true purpose.

I have watched the reviving of the Roosevelt Memorial, and it looks wonderful. It draws you in just walking by it. However, I recently read an article about a lost granite slab that was commissioned to be a memorial for all the workers that lost their lives in helping to build the dam. This really hit deep in my heart that we have a memorial erected to honor the president who gave the go-ahead to build our dam, but not for all those who gave their lives! The Bureau of Reclamation has been doing a great job creating and maintaining a beautiful environment around our dam, but it is missing a very, very important piece of the history. I hope this can find its way to the right person who can rectify this unfortunate oversight and bring recognition to those workers who deserve to be remembered and honored for the greatest contribution a worker can give … their lives!

Lori Powell

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