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7/10 - A Jess Ford employee told police that a man from British Columbia acted strangely and had trouble matching up with a debit card while trying to purchase parts for his vehicle. He had stated to the employee that he had to leave British Columbia in a hurry.

- A woman was arrested and taken to Grant County jail on a number of issues after she allegedly talked a new boyfriend into going into the Grand Coulee Library and beating up an old boyfriend because of some text messages he had sent. Then she took the old boyfriend’s keys and confiscated his car because, she told police, she had purchased it for him. The woman went to jail and is being cited for robbery, theft of a motor vehicle, domestic violence and liability for the conduct of another person.

7/11 - Police had a call that there was a naked man in front of a residence on Banks Avenue. When police arrived, a man and woman in front of a house were fully clothed. The man stated that occasionally he went around naked. The officer advised him not to.

- A woman said she ordered a dog from Colorado and paid $500 for it through an online party. Later she found that the web page for the company had been deleted.

- A man told police that he parks his trailer at North Dam Park during the day, takes it out somewhere else for the night and then returns the next day. Police had received a complaint about the trailer being there overnight.

- A man on Jackson Street in Electric City advised police that there was a strange vehicle parked across the street from his house. Police noted that the vehicle belonged to the people who lived in the house.

- Police were asked to check on the welfare of an elderly man who just left the hospital. An officer stopped the man and reported that he was alert and knew where he was and where he was going.

- A man walking his dog reported an open door at a church on Continental Heights. Police contacted the owner, who said he was aware that the door was open.

7/12 - Police reported that six businesses operating without a license were sent citations through the mail.

- A Grand Coulee man was cited for driving 40 mph in a 20 mph zone on Spokane Way.

7/13 - A Grand Coulee man was cited for not having his 8-year-old in a child restraint seat.

- A woman on E Street was arrested and taken to Grant County jail after an altercation with her son. She is being charged with third-degree domestic violence and fourth-degree domestic violence.

- A man wanted on a felony arrest warrant was taken from a Park Avenue residence in Electric City to the Grant County jail.

7/14 - A woman sleeping at a Bowen Street residence was banned from that location at the request of the owner of the house.

- A purported road rage incident attracted an officer to Les Schwab Tires, where a man said another man had threatened him after an incident near The Star newspaper. The one allegedly making the threats was gone when police arrived.

7/15 - Police checked on a barking dog incident on West Grand Avenue in Electric City. When the complainant was asked his name, he just said “thanks” and hung up the phone. The officer couldn’t hear any barking dog at that address.

- An 18-year-old woman was arrested at a Burdin Boulevard residence and faces charges of fourth-degree domestic violence and interfering with the reporting of domestic violence. She was taken to Grant County jail.

- Police checked on a report of a man lying on Martin Road. The officer found the man, woke him up and told him he couldn’t rest there. The report stated that the man walked away.

7/16 - A Nespelem man showed up at police headquarters to turn himself in, saying there was a warrant for his arrest. After the warrant was confirmed he was taken to Grant County jail.

- Police are still trying to contact the owner of a yellow Volkswagen with no motor that was left at Jess Ford.

- A tent and some debris left in a campsite at the “Little Osborne Bay” area was discarded in Electric City’s refuse container.

7/17 - A woman reported that four chihuahuas had chased her two chihuahuas. Since the woman kept changing her story and there were no witnesses, police warned the two parties on Coulee Boulevard East in Electric City.

- A woman on B Street asked police to do something about some barking dogs. Police contacted the owner of the dogs, who stated that they were barking at the dozen cats owned by the person complaining. The officer’s report stated that the smell of cat urine was bad in the area. When asked what could be done about the cats, the officer suggested she contact the city council.

- A man who owned a building on West Coulee Boulevard complained that someone had broken a clasp at his building.

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7/3 - A driver, when pulled over for not stopping at an intersection, was asked if he knew why he had been stopped. He said no, and the officer informed him with a citation.

7/4 - An officer assisted on a domestic call on Tilmus. There was no evidence of anything wrong at the house.

- A driver cited for following too closely told the officer that he would see him in court.

7/6 - An alarm at the National Park Service headquarters attracted an officer, who could find nothing wrong except a door that was not fully shut.

- An officer collected information from two drivers involved in a traffic accident on River Drive.

- A woman running a daycare said a man had entered her house on three occasions and she was fearful for her children. She took a picture of the man and provided it to police.

- A woman on Birch Street told an officer that her husband had been trying to reach her by text message while there is a court order prohibiting such contact. Learning that the man was in Camas, Washington, the officer contacted police there to look into it.

7/7 - A report of a burglary in progress at a building on the National Park Service property was checked by police along with tribal and NPS officers. They learned that a man had left before officers arrived.

7/9 - A man on Ferry Street told police that someone had entered his house while he was asleep and taken his wallet and cell phone.


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