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By Jesse Utz 

The well of love


One of the hardest things to do as a servant of Christ is to find the good in everyone. Some people are just plain rude or have really done something diabolical in the past that has hurt us deeply. But God has been telling me something lately through scripture, messages and my own actions. He loves every one of us the same and wants to see us all prosper through Him.

As a friend recently pointed out something profound to me: when we are talking about someone else whom we don’t understand and we put them down with our words or actions, we are saying they are less than human. Much like the Nazis did during the wars; they decided that a group of people were beneath them and started persecuting them, first with words, then with actions.

We also can see our nation doing the same thing over the years. Our first white settlers left Europe in search of a fresh start from the persecution they received at home. When they arrived here they became the persecutor of the “Natives” that already resided here, and that went on for centuries, and still does to a point. We also had war propaganda over the years making racial slurs to Asians and Germans, causing more hate and discontent. Slavery still has lasting effects that we deal with today. All because we had a mindset of being better than someone else.

But those are the big things. We also have the day-to-day things today. Words. We sometimes refer to that as freedom of speech, but those beliefs and words are causing deep-rooted pain in our society. When we shame a child, yell at someone in a moment of rage and speak words of negativity, we are speaking a curse over them and into their lives. Yes, sometimes this correction needs to be said and done, but we need to take a different approach most of the time. An approach of love.

If we do not teach the correct behavior, then we do nothing to fix the problem. If we do not reflect love, then we do not have it in us. The saying, “You are what you eat,” comes to mind. Meaning that if we are to be a loving people, then we must eat those words and show others love, in all situations.

Jesus was nailed to a cross out of love for you and me. He lived a life of love and lost His earthly life because of it, to save us all; and He still loves us all, even the ones driving the stakes in His palms. He went to the down and out, the disease ridden. He ate with the hated, He walked with the misunderstood. He healed the ones that had been ignored and cast out by society. He welcomed the bottom dwellers, the poor, the orphaned and the outcasts. He still does today. He loves us all.

So what is the point to this? Well, I think instead of blaming others, ignoring, and causing more strife and discontent in the world, we should simply start loving our fellow men and women. Serve them like Christ served us. Let them see the reflection of God in our own face. Let the Spirit out that lives in us all. Pray for our neighbors, fellow citizens, and leaders locally and nationally. Be a servant yourself. Do community service. Help someone who you know is in need. Love each other as brothers and sisters because we all are brothers and sisters. Forgive each other because He forgave us.

I know this is an irregular idea in this day and age. We feel we must speak out against people that are different. To try and fix them. To put them in their place. But you see, that is not our job at all. Our job is to love them, show them truth and help them succeed. It may not always work when we try to do it, but it always works with God. He makes no mistakes and empowers us to do His work, in turn making it our work too. There is no such thing as a coincidence. God has perfect plans and timing. I know. I have both witnessed it and been affected by it. I may not always understand, but I don’t have to. I just have to love like He did. You also have to receive that love too, with an open heart.

There are those who are hurting among us. Addictions, financial burdens, sickness and broken hearts can overwhelm the strongest of humans; but if we reflect the inner God in us all and let that love of others out, we can change the atmosphere. Change a life. Not by our works, but because He works through us. I’m just saying.


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