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6/29 - Police issued a minor a ticket for possession of alcohol after going to an apartment on Coulee Boulevard in Electric City where a loud party was going on. The officer’s report stated that there were piles of beer cans in the apartment.

- Police were called to a residence on Park Avenue in Electric City because of a domestic dispute.

- A man squatting in a trailer on someone else’s property on Lakeview Boulevard NE, was ordered by police to remove the trailer, and he was permanently banned from the property.

6/30 - An Electric City man residing on McNett Avenue was permanently banned from Sunbanks Lake Resort after security personnel caught him driving slowly through the resort at night.

7/1 - USBR Plant Protection reported a smell of marijuana at the Visitor Center. When police arrived, two men who were at the location left.

- A British Columbia man reported that a wakeboard was stolen from his boat while he was parked at Safeway. He gave police a description of the item and said the loss was about $258.

- A woman told police she found two small baggies of drugs in the parking lot at North Cascades Bank. Police stated in the report that it appeared that the baggies contained heroin and were destroyed.

7/2 - Police told a person in a truck with a camp trailer to move from Riley Point, just below the top of Grand Coulee Dam, because it was after hours.

- People on Crest Avenue in Electric City were advised that they couldn’t set off fireworks.

7/3 - A woman on West Grand Avenue in Electric City said kids were setting off fireworks across the street and that some of the debris was landing on the roof of her house. Police went to the site but couldn’t find anyone setting off fireworks.

- Police advised a crowd of people at Coulee Playland to keep the noise down. They said they would.

- The owners of a dog left in a vehicle were advised to keep the window down and have water available for the animal.

- Post office officials advised police that they thought a woman had been sleeping inside the facility. They said they didn’t want her banned but wanted to limit the time she could spend inside.

- Police advised juveniles on Washington Place in Electric City that it was past the hour when it was lawful to set off fireworks.

- A woman at Coulee Playland informed police that she had a stray dog. The officer advised her that the shelter was closed and that she would have to hold on to the dog until morning. When she called again the officer advised her to let the dog loose so that it might find its way home.

7/4 - A person called after seeing a dog locked in a car that was parked in front of Hi-Dam Tavern. The car was gone when police arrived.

- An Electric City man was told to leave the a property on West Grand Avenue in Electric City. He was told he was now banned from the property. He stated that he was there to apologize for what he had done the previous day. The report didn’t state what that was.

- Police stopped when they saw smoke coming from a small fire near North Dam. They found five young people trying to put the grass fire out. The fire started from fireworks. It was decided to let the fire burn itself out and a fire truck arrived to keep tabs on the fire.

- Police told a family on Roosevelt Drive that they couldn’t set off fireworks there but could go to North Dam Park and set them off there. The family indicated itthey would do so.

- A woman reported to police that she had lost her cell phone and that there wasere a couple of credit cards in the phone case.

- Coulee Dam police relieved USBR Plant Protection of a loose dog found in the lower Visitor Center parking lot. The officer said he knew someone who would care for the dog while waiting for the veterinary clinic to open in the morning.

- A couple reported items taken from their vehicle on Coulee Boulevard in Electric City. They had left the vehicle unlocked.

7/5 - A man was asked to leave North Dam Park after hours, even though he said he was there to pick up garbage left behind by those who had set off fireworks on the 4th.

- A man was banned from Flo’s Cafe after he got into an argument inside with his girlfriend. He told officers he understood and didn’t want to go back inside anyway.

- A couple on Young Street wereas told to keep their arguments quiet after someone complained of the noise.

- A Coulee Dam woman stopped twice for speeding pleaded that she was late for picking up her child from daycare. She was cited for going 40 mph in a 30 mph zone.

- A man wanted on two arrest warrants was taken to Grant County jail after officers initially confronted him for leaving his dog in his vehicle during the hot weather.

7/6 - A woman who had been banned from the Grand Coulee Manor had gained access and refused to leave. She said her husband resided there and she was in the process of getting her name attached to the lease so she could move back in. She was told she couldn’t move back in until her name was on the lease.

- A man on King Street complained that his landlord had made threats against him. All parties were told by police to avoid each other and warned about making threats.

7/7 - A woman on Park Avenue in Electric City told police that her neighbor had stolen two of her cats. Police checked with the neighbor, who stated she didn’t have the cats.

- An Electric City man was cited for disorderly conduct after police were told he had jumped out in front of a vehicle that had to swerve to avoid him. The report stated that police had contacted him several times for the same thing and that they had also had a report from the Washington State Patrol about it.

7/8 - An Electric City man was arrested and taken to Grant County jail on a variety of charges after USBR Plant Protection reported to police that he was seen trying to pull up traffic signs along SR-155. The suspect was the same man who had been cited a day earlier for jumping out in front of cars near North Dam Park. The officer’s report stated that a meth kit was found on his person when he was searched. En route to the county jail, he repeatedly made threats to the officer, the report stated. The man is being charged with malicious mischief, intimidating an officer, disorderly conduct and obstructing justice.

- A Nespelem man was stopped for exceeding the speed limit on SR -155 and ended up with a citation for not having insurance.

- A man in Delano told police that his vehicle had been stolen overnight and was found in Soap Lake with a lot of damage to it. Since the man lived outside the city limits, he was advised to contact the county sheriff.

- Coulee Playland reported that a rental boat was overdue and officials there were worried that the renter might be lost. The boat later was located at Sunbanks Lake Resort and the man renting it stated he thought he had it rented until morning.

- A person on Fourth Street in Electric City was confronted by police after it was reported that he had been on someone else’s property. When police checked on the individual and on a female at the same location, they found that both had suspended licenses. They were told not to drive.

7/9 - Police spotted a man on Federal Avenue known to have warrants for his arrest. He was arrested and taken to Grant County jail.

- A vagrant who had been camping in the Osborne Bay area was told he had to leave by July 12. A woman and two children had also been part of the camping group. The man told police that he needed some help in cleaning the area up because he didn’t have a vehicle.

- Police were asked by tribal police for help with a prisoner they were having problems with at Coulee Medical Center. When the prisoner saw additional police officers he quieted down.

7/10 - A woman called police to report that her husband had a suspended license and was driving. Police checked the area the man was supposedly driving in but couldn’t locate him.


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