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6/19 - Police responded to a report that two brothers were fighting at an Electric Boulevard location. One brother said he had tried to enter the house to get some sleep but the other prevented him from doing so, so he punched him in the face 10 times, the report stated.

- A driver southbound on Martin Road was stopped by police because it was noted that he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. Police cited the driver on the seatbelt issue and also for driving with a suspended license and for driving without a valid operator’s license.

- USBR Plant Protection advised police of a suspicious bag in the lower Visitor Center parking lot. An officer found that the bag contained trash.

6/20 - Police went to an Alcan Road location because an EMS crew had reported a combative patient. When police arrived, the patient was calm and was taken to Coulee Medical Center.

6/21 - A woman at Coulee Medical Center with a puncture wound from a dog bite told an officer that she had been walking on Main Street when a dog rushed out and bit her on the leg. The officer cited the dog’s owner and informed him that the city would review the situation and could declare the dog to be “potentially dangerous,” triggering a number of requirements he would have to meet to keep the dog.

- A man was arrested and taken to Grant County jail after he allegedly damaged a vehicle and items belonging to his girlfriend, who requested a no-contact court order after the domestic issue, which occurred in the Safeway parking lot. The man was cited for malicious mischief and domestic violence.

6/22 - A woman on Goodfellow Avenue in Electric City told police that she was afraid of her neighbors and wanted them banned from her property. The officer advised the neighbors.

- Coulee Medical Center advised police that a man who had been banned from the hospital campus, unless he needed medical attention, was back. Police took the man into custody.

- USBR Plant Protection advised police that some visitors were hanging over a wall near the pumping plant. Police advised the family that they couldn’t do that, and they left the area.

- A person at Spring Canyon apartments was advised to turn his music down.

- A driver was cited after not fully stopping at the intersection at Four Corners. She was also cited for not having insurance.

6/23 - Police are sending a report to the prosecutor’s office concerning one woman attacking another at the Grand Coulee Motel. The officer is asking for charges of second-degree malicious mischief, third-degree domestic violence, and fourth-degree assault, domestic violence.

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6/11 - A woman on Spruce Street reported a “suspicious” person and a person on Birch Street also reported a “suspicious” person. The reports came seven hours apart.

- A woman on Camas Street reported an animal problem to police.

6/12 - Police found a stolen vehicle across from the casino and questioned a man about it. He told police that he had been with a woman, currently in the casino, when she had bought it. He went to get her but returned to tell police that she didn’t want to leave the machine she was playing. Police went into the casino, only to discover the woman was gone. The vehicle was impounded.

6/15 - Police stopped a vehicle that had skidded into the curb and saw a man walk away. The officer questioned the driver, who said the man leaving was her boyfriend and that there was a protection order against him being with her, hence the reason he had walked away. She reported that the two were living together in a house on Birch Street.

6/16 - A man on Tulip Street reported that two dogs at the house behind him on Walnut Street were constantly barking. The officer tried to contact the owner but no one would answer the door.

6/17 - A man on Stevens Avenue told police that someone had rummaged through two of his vehicles that had been left unlocked, but nothing was taken.

- A resident of Central Drive told police that someone tried to take a large planter from their yard. Police checked the area and found two people, one a felon, who said they were just walking to the casino. The officer couldn’t tell if they were involved in an attempted theft of the planter.

6/18 - A couple on Fir Street reported the loss of some diamond rings and a diamond necklace taken from their house. Entry, they said, had been through a bathroom window. A neighbor told police that he had seen the couple’s son in the area. Police found a misdemeanor warrant out of Grant County on the son, and they are investigating.

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