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6/5 - A Warden man said that he had parked his car in front of Loepp Furniture and when he came out he noticed a dent in his vehicle.

- A woman living on Goodfellow Avenue in Electric City reported loud music from a nearby apartment. Police increased their patrols in the area.

6/6 - An Ephrata man was arrested and taken to Grant County jail after he was caught trespassing in the pool area at Sky Deck Motel in Electric City.

- Security at Coulee Medical Center’s emergency room told police that a man was there and refused to leave. After police talked to the suspect, he said he would wait to be seen by Grant County Mental Health.

- Police removed a dead dog from the roadway at milepost 22 on SR-174. The dog did not have a license tag on it.

- A Coulee Dam woman, stopped for expired tabs, ended up getting a citation for having no mirrors, no insurance and for the expired tabs.

6/7 - A woman on Hill Avenue told police she had been kicked out of her boyfriend’s house and that he was giving her things away. Police attempted to contact the man to check on the status of the woman’s belongings, but no one was home.

- A Grand Coulee couple told police that an Electric City man had been harassing them. It was suggested that they get a no-contact order from the courts.

- A man digging up a water line on Sunny Drive had called police because he thought he might have some problem with a neighbor. The officer told the man police did not plan to chaperone his project and to only call the police if something occurred.

6/8 - Police are asking the prosecutor’s office to file charges after a family dispute broke out at Flo’s Cafe in Grand Coulee. A report that someone had pulled a switchblade knife appeared to be a false claim.

- A Coulee Dam woman was arrested on a fourth-degree assault charge after a domestic issue on Stevens Avenue in Electric City. The woman arrested had allegedly punched another woman and wrestled her to the ground.

- Police were called to Fifth Street in Electric City, where it was reported that a door of a residence was ajar. Police found that the door was off its hinges and went inside to make sure no one was there.

- Police recovered a large bag found in the bushes at the Grand Coulee library. It was determined that it was a fire bag from the Coulee Dam fire hall, and officials there said they would see that the bag was returned to its owner.

6/9 - An elderly man was found with a stalled car at milepost 22 on SR-155. The report stated that the man was disoriented and from Enterprise, Oregon. The man was taken to Coulee Medical Center, and relatives in Oregon were notified.

6/10 - A wanted woman tried to turn herself in, but Grant County jail was on restrictions and was not accepting new prisoners. The woman left without incident.

6/11 - A man on Burdin Boulevard was arrested on a domestic violence issue and taken to Grant County jail. The man was intoxicated, the report stated, and had been arguing with his mother.

- Police confronted a man on Electric Avenue in Electric City who was sitting alongside the road yelling at himself. Police suggested that he go home.

- USBR Plant Protection advised police of vandalism at the restrooms in the lower Visitor Center parking lot.

- A man at Coulee Boulevard East, in Electric City, was confronted by police after a report that he was punching trees to let off steam. It had been reported that he was going to kill himself and burn the house down. He recanted this but later called police to say the same thing again.

6/12 - People parked in the lower parking lot at the Visitor Center wanting to take a nap were informed by police that they couldn’t sleep there.

Coulee Dam


6/6 - An officer was asked to go to a house on Cedar Street on a civil matter. The party was told to contact the chief the next day.

6/7 - Police checked on a trespass complaint and found a man wanted on a warrant for his arrest. He was taken to Okanogan County jail.

- A woman on Columbia Avenue advised police that someone had been stealing her mail.

- An abandoned car with a flat tire was blocking the entrance to a garage in the alley at Birch Street. A tow was ordered, but the owner arrived to remove the car.

6/9 - A woman living on Civic Way, who reported that someone had tried to run her down, refused to come to the door when police arrived to talk with her.

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